First Term update.

We are halfway through the first term already! How time flies when you’re having fun! This is an update on what we have been doing over the past few weeks.

We started with every student creating a pencil self portrait which will be added to their progress folders. What is special about this self portrait is that this year we have added a new dimension! As well as the self portrait, the students will have also written their name in Japanese! (Katakana). Note: The Pre-Primary students have a slightly different format for their progress folders, but the previously mentioned self portraits will be in their art portfolio. We will do another self portrait for every student from PP to Yr 3 later in the year, to see their drawing progress and their Katakana writing progress as well!

We have also collaborated with the Lote teachers, Foulk Sensei and Jane Sensei to create koi fish-related artwork in preparation for the Japanese celebration of Children’s Day which is held in May. Keep and eye out at the beginning of the second term to see what we do with the artwork! (Hint: all the juniors’ work will be hung around the outside of the library building, with the senior artwork being displayed in the library).

Mrs Zangari and Mrs Borlase are now working with the students on a variety of Marine themed artwork which will be displayed later this year.

Help Wanted!

As you know, we have Art Club happening in Mrs Borlase’s art room on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday lunchtimes. This year, Mrs Borlase is looking to have specific projects for the students to work on. Currently, the senior students (Yr 4 – Yr 6) are developing their hand-sewing skills, to make lavender bags.

As many of the students have not sewn before, even the basic skills of threading the needle and tying knots, is being taught by Mrs Borlase. However, it is very difficult to attend to every student in the 20 or so minutes that we have, with some students being very patient, but missing out on being seen by Mrs Borlase. It would be absolutely FANTASTIC if there are any parents who have basic sewing skills and a half hour spare, to come and help out at Art Club.

Both Mrs Zangari and Mrs Borlase are also looking for fabric that we can use for Fibre art projects. If you have any left over material from your own projects, we will gladly take it off your hands.

Mrs Zangari has an on-going project of making shopping bags for the local IGA. She has two sewing machines up and running for students to use to develop their machine sewing skills. We hope to purchase at least another two machines before the end of the term. This is another area in which parents may like to help out – providing guidance to the students in using the machines correctly and solving any problems that arise, such as the bobbin becoming jammed. The students work on this project at various times, including before school, when Mrs Zangari is in her room, and not on duty.

Please contact us if you would like to help out with this project, or any of the projects that we may have going on in the art rooms.

While your sewing skills are highly valued, we would also be very grateful of any help offered, so don’t let your lack of sewing know-how stop you from volunteering some of your time! The Art room is proving to be a very popular place during the breaks and having an extra pair of eyes and hands to help out is something we value greatly!

So, if you have half an hour to spare (12:45pm – 1:15pm) and are interested in seeing what is happening in the art rooms – and helping out; please don’t hesitate to contact the school to leave a message for us, or email Mrs Borlase at: She will contact you with details on how and when to visit.

Art Club Antics & Bath Bomb recipe

We have been very busy at our lunchtime art club! Over the last few weeks, we have been making fabric bowls and luscious bath bombs! In fact, this project was SO popular, I had to call an end to it, as we had too many students in the art room! (One lunch time, I think there were at least 50 students!) Phew!

As many of the students did not get the chance to make the bath bombs, I have had many requests for the recipe, so here it is!

Lavender Bath Bombs:


Bowl, spoon, silicon ice cube trays, measuring cup, large tray


1x half cup cream of tartar

1 cup baking soda

pink or red food colouring (use sparingly – only a few drops needed!)

3 – 4 drops lavender oil

water in a spray bottle to moisten mixture

100s and 1000s to sprinkle in to molds.


1. Measure baking soda and cream of tartar and add to large bowl. Mix.

2. Add food colouring. Mix again.

3. Spray very small amounts of water until the mixture tends to stick together when gathered up to make a small ball – the consistency of wet sand.

4. Add the drops of lavender oil, then mix again.

5. Prepare the ice cube trays, (or if you are lucky enough to have actual bath bomb molds), by sprinkling small amounts of the 100s and thousands in the bottom of each mold.

6. Add the bath bomb mixture to each mold and pack it in firmly. Optional -sprinkle a few more 100s and 1000s on top and press in.

7. Place the molds in the freezer for a few hours. This firms up the bath bombs so they can be taken out of the molds easily.

8. Carefully remove the bath bombs and set aside on a tray for a couple of weeks to allow the bombs to dry out. (The drier they are, the better they fizz when placed in your bath!)

To see a video of this process, go to then search for bath bombs.

Special Notes:

  • If the bath bombs crumble when you try to take them out of the molds, it means the mixture was too dry. Easily fixed though! Just place all of the mixture back in the bowl, and add a little more of the water, then go through steps 5 to 8 again. If the mixture is too wet, they will just take longer to dry out before you use them.
  • Don’t be tempted to add more of the essential oil then what has been suggested. Not good for you! Add dried lavender instead, to increase the aroma and add texture. Simply delicious when melted in a warm bath!

Have fun while making these!


Recycling Centre Items needed

We are looking for a number of things to be used in our upcoming art programs which have a strong focus on recycling. Please have a read through the list and send in with your child if you can help us out with any of the requested items:

Laundry measuring cups, microwave/frozen meal tubs, used I-Tunes or used Gift Voucher cards, yoghurt pots, shells, coffee pods, milk bottle tops, beer bottle tops, yarn, worn out tee-shirts, wire coat hangers, polystyrene & plastic meat trays, old baking trays or muffin/cupcake tins, chocolate moulds, tissue wrapping paper, newspapers, magazines, ribbon, sewing cotton, plastic cutlery, old towels and/or washcloths, any craft items you no longer want.

The recycling centre is located outside Mrs Zangari’s Art room (in between Room 16 and Room 14). We thank you so much for your support!

Art Club to be project based.

Art Club has begun with a bang! This week, the Art Room was open on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday lunchtimes for all students to come and begin the first project of the year. Approximately 50 students were coming to Art Club each day!

The project we are currently working on is a little gift for someone special. The students are making a fabric bowl – (papier mache technique with fabric!) After their bowl has been made, the students move on the making lavender scented bath bombs! This is proving to be a very popular project! A bonus is that the Art room smells heavenly!

Reminder: Students that attend art club must help to clean up 5 minutes before the siren goes to end lunch. Mrs Borlase has lessons straight after lunch and needs help to make sure the art room is ready for the next class.

Term One Timetable for Art Club

Current Project: Fabric Bowls and Bath Bombs

Monday: Open at Lunchtime to all students

Tuesday: Closed

Wednesday: Open at lunchtime to all students

Thursday: Open at lunchtime to all students

Friday: Open at lunchtime to all students

Parent helpers welcome! Contact Mrs Borlase if you would like to help out!

New Recycling Centre

Mrs Zangari has set up a recycling centre in the wet area outside her art room. We will soon post a list of items that we are looking for to use in our art rooms. Teachers across the school will also have access to the recycling centre, so we will need a lot of support from our community to keep the recycling centre viable!

Please remember to clean items before bringing them to us. It makes our job a lot less time consuming if the items are ready to use when we get them!

Recycled item request

Later this year, we will be entering the Castaways Recycled Sculpture Competition in Rockingham. This year we are going to build a sculpture inspired by glass artist, Dale Chihuly. In order to achieve this, we need to collect as many of the disposable water and soft drink bottles as possible! Please wash the bottles, and if you can, remove the labels before sending the bottles to school. We have set up a collection point in the new shed situated behind learning block 4 (behind the art rooms). The roller door is opened every morning and students can access the collection point through this door. Thanks in advance for your support – more info on this project will come later in the year.

News – Digital Portfolio

I have set up a digital portfolio through the Artsonia website for every student from Pre-Primary to Year 6. This will display your student’s completed artwork. Very soon, your child will bring home a slip and a letter which explains how to register and log in to the site. Until the parent gives permission online, the student’s artwork will remain hidden from view. Be assured that only your child’s artwork will be on display – there will be no images of the students themselves, and their full name will not be on display for privacy reasons. Feel free to give your Artsonia log in details to family that you would like to have access to view your child’s masterpieces! If you have any questions, please come and see Mrs Borlase in Art Room 2.

News – Introducing the new Art teachers!

Hi everyone! Mrs Jo Zangari and Mrs Christine Borlase are the new Art teachers for 2017. Mrs Zangari has come from Harmony Primary and Mrs Borlase has come from a Rockingham Primary School. Both ladies are passionate about art and are looking forward to working within the Aubin Grove Primary Community. The teachers will be working collaboratively with each other, as well as with your children’s teachers to ensure that the students receive a well rounded, engaging and varied range of art experiences.