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The senior students have been working on a small project where they complete a ‘peek-a-boo’ self portrait. This involves drawing only the top part of their face, peeking out from behind a lined piece of paper, which has some written info on the students. A quick and non-threatening way for Mrs B. to get to know her students a little better. We are just coming to the end of this activity, and are the Year 5 and 6 students are about to embark on a more detailed and informative project where they explore some works that have been entered into the annual and prestigious Archibald Prize – a portraiture art competition hosted by the NSW Art Gallery. They are going to develop a sense of how to create a visual story of themselves and  of a person that they admire. Don’t be surprised if their self portraits don’t look like anything they have done in the past! The students will also need a photographic/digital image of a person that they admire – not idolise – so if you can talk to them about who may be a suitable subject for their portrait assignment, that would be greatly appreciated. (The person does not have to be famous – just someone that your child may have respect for, or is inspired by).

The Year 4 students will also have a slightly different look to their self portraits this year – they are going to portray themselves as SUPER HEROES! Their project is a combination of three different lessons; wax resist and watercolour painting, perspective drawing and figure drawing. They are already working on their backgrounds, and the colours look awesome!

Don’t forget to register to the Artsonia website if you would like to get a sneak peek at your child’s works of art – I hope to upload them as soon as possible, after your child has completed it.

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