Dear Parents,

The Canteen would like to take this opportunity to remind all families that it is their responsibility to ensure all canteen orders clearly indicate if your child has any food allergies.

This needs to be noted each time your child places an order.

If ordering over the counter then this needs to be noted on the lunch bag.

If ordering via Flexischools then there is an allergy alert option at the top of the menu selection list which must also be selected for each order.

Please don’t assume that as you have indicated your child’s allergy on previous orders, that this information will be retained for subsequent orders.

Please also take the opportunity to review our menu options with your child so that they are able to identify food choices that are safe or unsafe for them should they place their own food orders over the counter without you present.

Please be assured that the canteen staff are trained in the proper handling and preparation of orders for those with food allergies, however, due to lack of volunteers at the canteen there is not sufficient resources to check each recess and lunch order to ensure the correct allergy information is detailed and therefore food orders will be prepared solely as indicated.

Final responsibility to properly indicate allergy information for each order falls to the parents and children.

Therefore, it is critical that the above procedures are followed.

We thank you for your cooperation,

Aubin Grove Snack Shack Canteen