Junior Lunchtime Concert (Years 1-3)

The Junior Lunchtime Concert (for Years 1-3) will take place this Friday 7th April from 12:50-1:15pm.

​All performers have already been notified.

If you wish to join us in the undercover area, please enter the school through the front office.

Many thanks

Mrs V

ECE Music Specialist

ANZAC Ceremony

This Friday, 7th April, the Years Three to Six will attend an ANZAC Ceremony from 11:05am. This very special event will be held in the courtyard, in front of the undercover area and all members of the Aubin Grove school community are welcome to attend.

As this is a formal event in the school calendar, students in these year groups are required to wear their purple uniforms on this day, rather than the usual Friday faction shirts. Those students who attend external Scouts and Guides groups are also welcome to wear their club uniforms for the ceremony.

Kind regards

Mesha Steel
Deputy Principal

School News – 31 March 2017

Read about our ‘Bring a picnic for Harmony Day’ celebration; the Junior choir’s first performance; and how teachers and students are getting the most out of iPads and Macbooks in the classroom.

Important – PP to Year 2 Swimming Lesson News

Dear Parents and Carers,

Please be aware that the closing date to submit swimming forms for the PP- Year 2 In term Swimming is NEXT WEDNESDAY 5th April, 2017. All forms and monies must be handed into the Administration Office by this time, as the supervisor from the pool will be collecting the forms from the school at the conclusion of the day to collate into lesson groups.

As swimming lessons will commence on the first day of Term Two, (Wednesday 26th April), there will not be time after the conclusion of Term One to process your child’s enrolment.

Money and forms can be submitted into the school letterbox, courtyard side of the Administration Building.

Thank you for your cooperation and continued support of the school’s swimming program.

Mesha Steel

Deputy Principal

Easter Raffle – P&C Fundraiser

Easter Raffle

Raffle tickets are just 50c each and are still on sale until Friday. Please return all tickets and money, in an envelope marked ‘Easter Raffle’ to the P&C mail box at the back of the School Office by 3pm this Friday (31st).  Additional sheets of raffle tickets are available from the School Office.  Or, are available online at https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Byc18OuVtXXKQllVNFJNV09rcmc
Thank you so much to all the families who donated goodies for the Easter Raffle.  You have been very generous and we greatly appreciate it and I’m sure all the winners will too.  This year we will have 123 prizes, just amazing!  A huge thank you also, to all the ladies who volunteered their time to help make up all the prize baskets and bundles on Tuesday morning.

Prize draw will take place on Monday and Mr Pansini will announce the winners in the afternoon. But, please note, prizes can be collected after 2.15pm on Tuesday (you may need a car for the bigger prizes).

P&C Fundraising Committee



Fume Free Friday

Friday 31st March is Fume Free Friday. We encourage all students to participate by walking or riding to school or parking a distance from the school and walking the rest. The school will provide students with a drink of Milo (in LC4) for their participation. Please bring a cup so we can save on waste.

Environmental Committee

P&C News – Issue 1, Term 1 2017

WELCOME to all Students and Families for 2017


Welcome to all families attending Aubin Grove Primary School in 2017. The purpose of the P&C is to support the school, the students and their families. Joining the P&C is a great opportunity to make a contribution to the education of your child, keep informed of school matters and meet new people who are also part of our school community.

Did you know that the P&C are responsible for:
– The operation of the Snack Shack canteen
– Coordinating and running school banking
– The sale and supply of school bags, library bags and swimming bags
– Coordination of donations from Commonwealth Bank, Aussie Farmers Direct and Bubbler Deals
– The Easter raffle, disco’s and the Christmas raffle
– Coordinating the sale and supply of Entertainment Books
– Organising and running stalls for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day
– Assisting in arranging parent information sessions
– Organising the Kindy Morning Tea for our new Kindy families
– Assisting with the collection of payments for various fundraisers and
– The sale of second hand uniforms


The target of the P&C this year is to increase our membership. The P&C is open to all parents and carers of students at the school and we always welcome new and old members. Please note that you must be over 18 years and have paid an annual subscription (currently $1). Membership forms can be found here or by following the link below


Please place your completed form and $1 fee in an envelope marked with ‘P&C Membership’ into the P&C mailbox at the back of the School Office.


P&C Meetings are held on a Tuesday evening in week 2 and week 8 of the school term. The next P&C meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 21st March and will be held in the staff room. Please note that you do not have to attend meetings to be a P&C member.

We look forward to meeting you all.


STEMS (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)

Each year the fundraising team receives vouchers from Parent Direct and Chalk. These are companies the school uses for fundraising. When parents purchase toys from their catalogues the school receives a percentage of that purchase in the form of vouchers. The P&C Executive Committee has voted to donate the vouchers from 2016 to the STEMS program. These vouchers will be used to purchase robotics and coding resources that every child in the school will eventually have access to.

Hand Sanitiser

The P&C has recently purchased hand sanitiser for every classroom in the school.



All families should have received their Easter raffle tickets. There are 20 tickets per sheet at 50c each. These need to be returned by Thursday 30th March.
If you do not have tickets or require more tickets these are available from the school office or you can print them yourself here

We are kindly requesting donations for the Easter Raffle. We are looking for clear cellophane, ribbons, Easter stickers or decorations, baskets and of course chocolate! All donations must be delivered to the school office by Friday 24th March. All donations are greatly appreciated.


The Snack Shack (canteen) is open Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Orders can be made over the counter before school (prior to 8:45) or via the online booking system FlexiSchools. To find the Snack Shack menu or to access Flexi Schools follow the link below


The Snack Shack is always looking for volunteers to help prepare and serve food. Please let our Snack Shack Manager, Gayle Tinline know if you are available to volunteer – This can be done either in person at the canteen, or by email aubingrovecanteen@gmail.com

All volunteers receive a $7.50 P&C Voucher, 10 faction tokens and a chance to win a $20 voucher.

The winner of the Snack Shack $20 Voucher for term 4, 2016 is Gina.


FlexiSchools is an online ordering system managed by the P&C where families can order food from the Snack Shack or buy school bags, library bags and swim/gym bags.

You can set up an account by visiting their website and adding credit to your online account.
To do this please visit https://www.flexischools.com.au

Be sure to register each child separately (including their class number) under your account.


School bags ($43.95), swim bags ($10.95) and Library bags ($10.95) are available for purchase via the FlexiSchools website https://www.flexischools.com.au

Collection of items is the following Wednesday, just outside the Snack Shack.


Aubin Grove Primary School’s banking day is Wednesday mornings from 8.15am in the Undercover Area. Please join us on Facebook Aubin Grove Primary School Banking

Melissa Sorgiovanni
Aubin Grove Primary School P & C Association
P&C Email aubingrovepandc@hotmail.com
Like us on Facebook Families of Aubin Grove Primary School

School News – 16 March 2017

An Explanation of the Lyon Road Car Park Strategy
I have heard a lot of comments recently querying the strategy behind where teachers at Aubin Grove Primary School are allowed to park, and I would like to address the issue.

School News – 3 March 2017

It has been great to see so many families taking advantage of the fine weather lately and either walking or riding to school.

Welcome Back to School

The 2017 school year at Aubin Grove Primary School has gotten off to a flying start.

All teaching staff resumed work in late January, while students attended their first day on February 1.

And from all reports it appears both staff and students have been quick to settle in for what promises to be another eventful and exciting year.

Principal Frank Pansini said enrolments had this year reached 1150 students, which meant a number of new staff and students had joined the school community.

“I’d like to welcome everyone back for the new school year, in particular the new families who have joined us,” he said.

Among the new staff members are:

Christine Borlase (Art Specialist), Jo Zangari (Art Specialist), Molly Busbridge (Year 5), Elaine Cass (Year 1), Nerida Clark (Kindergarten), Lily Dorotich (Year 4), Kaitlin Fraser (Kindergarten), Hannah Gifford (Year 5), Peter Griffiths (Year 5), Kathryn Hall (Year 1), Ivona Jercic-McFadyen (Year 1 Fridays)), Tara Pearce (Year 4), Sarah Springett (Year 2, Fridays), Christine Walsh (Year 5 Mon-Wed), Sandy Wingfield (Year 3), Susan Woon (Year 2), Heather Reed (Pre-primary), Veronica Cary (Ed Assistant), Amy Coleman (Ed Assistant), Anna Martin (Ed Assistant)

Mr Pansini said he was extremely pleased with how those staff had so far adjusted to their new environment.

“All new teachers attended our induction day before the other staff resumed, where they were taught about the FISH Philosophy and the LEAF principles that govern our school so they understand our culture,” he said.

All teachers also attended a professional development day centred on the school priority of Visible Learning prior to the commencement of Term 1, presented by a guest speaker from Melbourne.

Mr Pansini said coaching involving classroom observation, feedback and reflection had become an important focus for teachers over the past few years, as it involved them both being coached but also coaching each other.

“For example, teachers will film their lessons which they will then view with their peer coach and then use the school developed pedagogical framework to reflect on areas that may require improvement, allowing them to continually improve their teaching methods,” he said. “We ask our students to constantly seek to be better at what they do so it’s only natural that we model that ourselves.”



While the school year has gotten off to a smooth start, it appears things have also been running reasonably smoothly in the carparks.

Mr Pansini said it was important parents remembered they could only turn left when exiting the Lyon Road carpark, whereas those vehicles using the Camden Boulevard carpark should drop off and pick up their children at the bottom of the carpark near the community centre.

“At the end of the day it is a school and there are lots of young children around, so drivers need to be patient, co=operative and respectful of everyone’s’ basic safety and rights,” he said.

Parents are also reminded that parking is only allowed in the marked bays. Please stay off the footpaths and verges as they pose dangers and risks for the walkers and students who are trying to pass by without stepping onto the road.



The Year 6 students have taken to their role as leaders of the student body for 2017.

At Aubin Grove Primary School, even though 18 Year 6 students hold the positions of Head Boy, Head Girl and Faction Captains, every student within the year group is regarded as a student leader.

Late last year they spent time learning about what makes great leaders, and as well as having to cast a vote in electing the official student leaders, the entire year group came up with the Leadership Pledge which included the mantra “Everything a leader does matters.”

Following on from that the 98 students spent the day at Point Walter Camp School last Wednesday building on their leadership skills.

After enjoying a cooked breakfast on the Point Walter foreshore, the students were divided into six groups and undertook a variety of physical challenges.

Deputy Principal Nola Smith said the activities, including crate building and climbing, orienteering, pool team games and riding a flying fox, required the students to work on their problem solving, communication, listening, perseverance and encouragement skills. It also supported their development of a growth mindset and their willingness to take on and succeed in challenging situations.

“For some activities they had to work on having effective team member skills, while others such as the flying fox put them slightly out of their comfort zone and they had to reassure each other before experiencing a sense of achievement when they completed the task,” she said.

Following this, all Year 6 students were presented with their Student Leaders badges at a special ceremony on Friday.




While Week 1 marked the first days at Aubin Grove Primary School for many staff and students, spare a thought for the 145 three and four-year-olds who started their school journey in the Kindy.

To ease their transition into school life, each of the seven Kindy classes has been divided into two groups of 10-11 students and attended just one day in each of the first two weeks.

Kindy teacher Hannah Dempster said the staggered start helped the students to transition gradually to school life and settle in and feel safe and comfortable in their new environment.

“With only about 10 in each group, they can start to make friends and build relationships with their peers and teachers before all students attend classes together from Week 3,” she said.

Mrs Dempster said the children were given a teddy bear at their induction day last year, and their initial activities were centred around their bear.

For example, they had read the story “Possum goes to School” and were working on making their own book about teddies coming to Aubin Grove Primary School.

As well as some colour, fine motor and name recognition activities, the students were also getting used to the class routines, such as finding their name on the bag hooks; moving their name on the Smartboard; getting their water bottles out of their school bag; and even turning taps on and off to wash their hands.

“They get to learn the routine of the day, and we really encourage their independence and them having a go at things,” she said.

“At the end of the day, we want our Kindy kids to be happy, healthy and building on their social skills and if they love coming to school we are already winning!”



Aubin Grove Primary School will host a Sporting Gala Day this Thursday, February 16.

Running from 3-4.30pm, around 11 sporting clubs have been invited to attend the event on the school oval to provide students with an opportunity to register for the upcoming sporting season.

Those clubs include the Hammond Park Football Club; Aubin Grove United Soccer Club; Cockburn Basketball Association; Southern Lions Rugby Club; Phoenix Lacrosse Club; South Side Volleyball; Olympic Fun and Fitness; Kwinana Hockey Club; Eclipse Dance and Performing Arts; and Atwell Netball Club.

Well done to Mr Paparone for organising this excellent opportunity for students to become involved in organised sport.