Missing school jumpers are a constant source of frustration for parents and students.

But the school is hoping to reduce the stress, and the tubs of lost property, by implementing an innovative new tagging system.

RagTagd tags will provide a way of tracking items that find their way into the lost property area, helping families to recover them quickly and in turn save money by not having to replace lost items.

Once stitched into a jumper, parents can activate the unique code on the smart tag via SMS to the mobile phone number provided on the tag.

By doing this, if a registered clothing item is placed on either of the school’s new lost property “smart racks”, sensors will recognise the unique code and generate an SMS to notify you that your child’s clothing has been placed there.

The message is sent at about 7am the morning after the item has been detected, and specifies whether it has been sent from the rack located near Pre-Primary or Learning Community 2 (near the bike racks).

To get the initiative up and running, the P&C will sell the tags for just $3 each.

In the near future new jumpers sold through the Uniform Shop will come already fitted with the tags.

The P&C will soon distribute order forms to students.

Parents wishing to order tags can return the forms with the correct money to the P&C letterbox at the back of the Administration Building.

More information on the tags is available at http://www.ragtagd.com/faqs