Dear Parents and Carers

Thank you to all parents who have paid voluntary contributions already this year. Your contribution of $60 per child is an invaluable contribution that enables our school to provide an enhanced range of facilities, resources and programs available to our students that are additional to what our government school funding would normally enable us to provide. This year we have planned to use the funds collected via Voluntary Contributions to help fund the following:

  1. The new Arc Tunnel in the Kindy/Pre-primary naturescape playground
  2. Line marking around the middle and upper primary playgrounds to enable more students to play handball
  3. Nineteen new guided reading desks in classrooms. These are special furniture items that allow teachers to work more effectively with a group of students during group rotations in maths and literacy lessons.
  4. Additional sporting equipment for student use at recess and lunch times
  5. Non-sporting play equipment for students who prefer to play in other ways at recess and lunch (e.g. balance beams, skipping roles, giant connect 4 games etc)
  6. Booking renowned guest speaker Luke S Kennedy to present to our middle and upper students on topics such as resilience, anti-bullying, mental health issues and self care.
  7. Paying for Paul Litherland, well known cyber-bullying expert to speak to our students in Year 5 and 6 and parents on matters to do with safe and responsible use of social media and the internet.

You can make your voluntary contribution in a number of ways including paying at the front desk, slipping an envelope with the amount enclosed and the child’s name in the Admin postal slot near the rear front Office door or by electronic funds transfer (BSB 016 016 Account No: 440120903).


Each year our school pays to have the Mathletics online maths program available for students to use at home and school. The cost to parents is heavily subsidised by the school with parents asked to pay only $10.00 per student each year for access. The unsubsidised, private cost to parents if they wanted to purchase Mathletics, without the school’s subsidy, is $99.00 per year.

So far this year, the number of parents who have paid for Mathletics, which appears on the Personal Items List each year, is less than 50%. When the initial cost to the school is added to the low rate of return from parents, the overall cost becomes too big a burden for the school to carry. Consequently, unless parents pay for their child’s access, we will have no choice but to discontinue our subscription in 2019.

If you haven’t yet paid your child’s Mathletics subscription please do so asap, using any of the above methods.


Please ensure you keep your child’s health care details up to date, especially if they suffer from allergies. You can do this at any time by contacting the school or dropping by the office and asking to speak to one of the clerical staff.

Whilst no school can claim to provide an environment that is free of any item that your child may be allergic to, accurate health care plans and regular communication between you and your child’s teacher can ensure that we can provide the appropriate care and precautions required. Having said that, it is also incumbent on parents to educate their child to be aware of the cause of their allergy, the symptoms and what to do if they come into contact with the source of their allergy.

Schools can’t claim to be “nut free” or “anything free” and it is risky for parents of children with allergies to assume that they can. We will do all we can, in conjunction with the relevant families, to provide the safest environment possible and classroom teachers will do all they can to establish and maintain safe practice in their classrooms.

If you know that a child in your own child’s class suffers from a particular allergy, please try to be mindful of this when packing your child’s lunch box and avoid packing the item they are allergic to. I know that deciding what to put  in the lunch box each day can be a nuisance but your cooperation, and a caring conversation with your son/daughter about why you can’t put nuts, eggs, dairy etc (depending on your class’s situation) could avoid a terrible anaphylactic reaction for a young child or even save their life.

Parents of children with allergies are also reminded that when ordering from the school canteen, you need to note the nature of your child’s allergy on their lunch order EVERY time you order. You also need to note it if ordering via Flexischools. This is an additional layer of safety for a very busy canteen that operates using staff and volunteers that change on a daily basis.

School Photos

School photos take place at the end of Term One this year on April 5, 11 and 12.

Year 6 classes, Head Boy/Girl, Faction Captain and Graduation photos will all take place on April 5.

A limited number of family portrait sittings will also be available for those who want to take up this option. Bookings can be made online via the Kapture Photography website and details will be made available once you have received your photo order envelope closer to the time. Family portrait bookings will close on April 4.

Harmony Day

We will be celebrating the diverse multicultural composition of our school community again this year as part of our annual Harmony Day celebrations. Harmony Day will be celebrated in Week 10 on Friday April 6. We plan to enjoy a day of eating traditional dishes and other activities that highlight the richness of cultures that exist in Aubin Grove. We hope to see everyone here to enjoy the festivities. More details will be published closer to the date.

Have a great week!

Frank Pansini