Dear Families

On the 17th of October representatives from Cricket Australia will be attending Aubin Grove Primary School. They will be running two separate practical sessions for all girls between Year 1 and Year 6.

The first session will be aimed at giving girls in Year 1 and 2 an opportunity to experience the MILO in2CRICKET activities. The practical session will give the girls an opportunity to practise some skills in a relaxed and fun environment. This session starts at 8:00am and runs for 30 minutes out on the Aubin Grove Reserve (School Oval).

The second session will be held during lunchtime and is aimed at girls in Year 3 to Year 6 who want to experience the MILO T20 Blast. This session will also be held out on the Aubin Grove Reserve (School Oval) from 12:50-1:15.

We encourage all girls and parents who are interested to come along and find out exactly what the exciting sport of cricket has to offer.

Matthew Paparone
Physical Education Specialist