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The Japanese: Second Language program endeavours to provide students with essential communication skills, intercultural capabilities and an understanding of the role of language and culture in human communication.

The learning of Japanese language begins in Pre-Primary and continues through to Year 6 accumulating in students being able to communicate through written, digital or spoken communication.

Units of work begin with greetings, self-introduction, colours and numbers, building the foundation for students to continue learning through a range of vocabulary, based on real-life topics.

Rich learning experiences are drawn from a range of resources including students’ personal interests, exposure to a range of texts and stimuli and use of new and emerging technology.

Provision of authentic experiences are provided through our Japanese Cultural Exchange Program, drama and music incursions, extra-curricular cooking classes, Bon Odori Dance Club and lunchtime Manga and Origami workshops.

“A second language is not about learning a language, it is about opening doors to another world.”

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Foulk Sensei      yvette.foulk@aubingroveps.wa.edu.au

Jane Sensei        melony.jane@aubingroveps.wa.edu.au

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