Pre-Primary children have been having lots of fun learning Japanese!

The children practice introducing themselves and reply in Japanese using simple sentence structures when the class roll is called. The children are beginning to respond verbally to familiar Japanese questions and respond non-verbally to Japanese classroom instructions such as, ‘please sit down’, ‘please stand up’ and ‘please look’.

The children have memorised  ‘Aisatsu no Uta’ (Greetings Song). Many children now have a good understanding of the meaning of the Japanese words and phrases for ‘good morning’, good afternoon’, ‘goodbye’, ‘see you tomorrow’ and ‘see you next week’.

We are currently learning the names of colours. A range of early childhood teaching and learning strategies are being used to help the children learn whilst socialising with their peers and teachers. The children enjoy singing along to ‘The Colour Song’ video, colouring in labelled Kimmi dolls, finding coloured objects in the classroom and playing games such as, ‘Beat the Teacher’ and karuta (Japanese matching card games).

We have started our first Japanese project for the year, based on colour, and we look forward to sharing these with you on completion.

Jane Sensei