That’s a rap!

I Just Can’t Wait To Be King

Upcoming community song

Make sure you are watching the correct video. Are you an alto or soprano for this song?

Music: Count Us In

Music: Count Us In exists to advocate for and celebrate music in Australian schools. Our national Celebration Day will be held on Thursday 2 November. The Senior Choir will be joining other Cockburn School’s for our second Cockburn Choral Festival to celebrate the occasion. All Year 4-6 students have started to learn this year’s song Shine Together.



Year 4 Instrumental Testing

This week Year 4 students are sitting an aptitude test, which is one of the tools used to select students for the Instrumental Music School Services classes. Aubin Grove offers lessons on clarinet, flute, brass and classical guitar in Year 5 and 6. Please ensure laptops are charged as they will require this for their test. I will also hold a catch-up test in 2 weeks time during lunch for any interested students who are away during their Music lesson.

Grover’s First Performance

Last week the boys of Grover performed for the first time as a band. Congratulations boys, you should be proud of your efforts!



Some of the songs we are learning for NAIDOC Week


This term the Year 4 students were learning to play the ukulele. They learnt how to hold the instrument correctly, how to strum different rhythms and how to play 3 chords (C, F & G7).

The Year 5 and 6 students also continued to learn the ukulele, building on their skills from last year. They learnt some new chords including Am, G and Em. Many of us can now play Riptide!

Year 3 Raps

Year 4-6 Melody & Partner Part Compositions

For the past 3 weeks the Year 4-6 students have been composing their own original songs. They wrote melodies using xylophones or glockenspiels and a partner part using 2 non-tuned percussion instruments. Once students had hand written their masterpieces they then used Noteflight, an online music notation software to create a score. This software enables students to listen to their music notation, which assists them in writing their notes and rhythms correctly and knowing whether they are playing correctly when performing it live with instruments.

Maytham Year 4 Room 12’s composition

Year 6 Harmony Day Assembly

The talented members of Room 13 wrote the following song for their Harmony Day assembly. It features solos from Amalie, Sean, Charlotte, Gemma, Charlie and Ethan.


Chords: G D A Bm


Everyone belongs

In our community

Everyone is different

There’s so much diversity

Everyone belongs

Just as much as you or me

So stand up for one another

So we can live in harmony


Like the tears that fall from your eyes

Like the blood that runs inside

Like our hearts that break the same way

We will all think about the words we say




Our multicultural society

It offers a very mixed variety

It doesn’t matter where you are from

This is a place where you belong




Australians all let us rejoice

For we are young and free

We will stand together forever

For those who’ve come across the seas