Massed Choir Final Details!

Dear Parents/Caregivers

Below are the final details to allow the Massed Choir rehearsals and concert night to run smoothly.

Technical Rehearsal at Perth Concert Hall                                                                   

Thursday, 14th September

Students to be in the Music Room by 8am

Leaving school via bus at 8.20am

Rehearsal from 9.45am – 1pm

Students need to wear normal school uniform- school skorts or shorts, school T-Shirt (not faction colours) and school jacket.

Bring a water bottle (half full), small morning tea in a disposable container and lunch in a small lunch box. Students will have a short break during the rehearsal to eat their recess and play. Their recess will be stored in baskets and kept in the foyer until this break. Lunchboxes will remain on the bus and students will eat their lunch on the way back to school. Please be mindful of messy foods. 

Performance Rehearsal & Concert at Perth Concert Hall

Saturday, 16th September

Students to return to school and be in the Music Room at 4.30pm

Leave via bus at 5pm

Rehearsal from 6.15pm – 7pm

Performance from 7.30pm – 9pm

Students return home via parent transport

Students are to wear purple school shirts (no leavers or faction shirts), long black pants, black shoes and black socks.  Long hair pulled back in one ponytail or braid.

No food is permitted at the pre-concert rehearsal and concert, only water (half full). Students can bring a snack for the bus but all containers must be disposable. Please feed them as much as you can, as they won’t be able to eat again until they conclude the concert at approximately 9pm. Please make sure they have been to the toilet before bringing them to school. There will be hundreds of students arriving at the venue at the same time and a limited number of toilets.

Children will all be signed out at the end of the concert and can only be taken home by the people allocated on their permission form. If you need to make a change or add additional people who may pickup your child, please provide me uwith written consent before 3pm on Friday 15th September. Parents are not allowed backstage and photos are not permitted during the concert.


This is the first year the WA Massed Choir has been held at Perth Concert Hall. With a bigger venue we also have more tickets to sell. There is nothing quite like performing to a packed house! Our concert night has sold the most tickets so far, with 950 tickets being sold. There are still over 100 tickets available!

Tickets can be purchased from or

Please make sure you purchase tickets for the correct date. We are Choir 4 and 16th September.


All forms will be collected from the office on Wednesday 13th September to be taken to the Thursday, 14th September rehearsal. These envelopes are passed straight onto the Massed Choir committee and are not opened at school. DVD’s can still be purchased on the concert night or up to 2 weeks after the concert using the information on the DVD form.


Congratulations to Sofia Martinez who has been selected by the Massed Choir committee to sing a solo on the night!


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Thank you

Tarah Souter-Robertson

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