On Friday August 17th, 48 of our Junior Choir students attended the 2018 One Big Voice Festival at Perth Arena. The thrill and excitement in the air could be felt as soon as we departed school early in the morning.

Once we arrived at the Arena, we commenced our final rehearsal with 2000 other primary school choirs. The sound of all our voices singing together was absolutely amazing. All of the choirs involved have been working on these 11 songs since March. We sang:

One Big Voice


The World


Coming Home


Child of this World

Skye Boat Song

Tomorrow Needs Us

We Celebrate

This is Me

Our favourite songs were Smile, Skye Boat Song, We Celebrate and the top hit from The Greatest Showman “This is Me”.

Many thanks to all of our families for supporting this wonderful event and for coming along to watch us. Many thanks also goes to Nicole (Lucinda’s Mum) and Foulk Sensei for their help and support on the day.

Lastly, well done and congratulations to all of our Junior Choir students who performed so brilliantly. You can be very proud of all the hard work and dedication you invested into learning our huge repertoire of songs. “Keep singing your little hearts out kids!”

“I liked how we all had fun and we all enjoyed it” – Leilah

“I liked how I was in the front row” – Lucinda

“I liked singing the rap on stage” – Mia

“I liked how everybody joined in and they sang their hearts out” – Vanessa

“I loved when my parents said I was on the big screen” – Thomas

“I loved how we were the youngest there and we did a good job” – Lukas

“I loved how people were passionate and they sang beautifully” – Quinn

“I liked the hard work Mrs V, Foulk Sensei and Lucinda’s Mum did” – Maira

“My favourite part was when everyone got to join in the singing” – Holly

“I loved the song Smile because it made me smile” – Lili

“My favourite song was Raining because I liked how everyone was singing different parts, it sounded beautiful” – Evie

“My favourite song was Raining because of the soundscape” – Paige

“My favourite was Pelican because I loved the different parts”- Kaitlin

“I loved This is Me because it was one of our favourite songs” – Micky


Thanks boy and girls for being such incredible ambassadors for our music program at Aubin Grove PS. You were amazing!

*** Bring on One Big Voice 2019! ***



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