Hi there! Every week all students from PP-6 are engaged in a 60 minute Physical education lesson which is facilitated by Mr Paparone, Mr Fritchley or Mr Holland. Over the school year we focus in learning key skills over a series of different sports to create a fun, supportive and rich physical education experience. Mr Fritchley and Mr Holland teach PP-3 and their lessons are focused on developing fundamental movement skills across common movement types found on the sporting field. Mr Paparone teaches Yr3-6 and his role is to facilitate lessons where students can utilise the skills learnt in lower primary and bring them to game situations.
Throughout the year we organise various in school carnivals including Athletics and Cross Country. Our most capable students are also invited to attend inter school events such as Winter/Summer lightning carnivals, Cross Country and Athletics including jumps and throws. We also offer a sporting schools program 3 times a year where parents can nominate their child to attend four 60 minute sessions for free. Sports that will be offered this year will be AFL, Basketball, Hockey, Modcrosse, Tee Ball, Volleyball and more​! There will be further surprises in store so feel free to subscribe to our site to keep updated about various programs that will be offered this year.​

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