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Sporting Schools Starts On Monday

Just a quick reminder to all parents who have nominated their child for the Sporting Schools program that all sessions start this week. Below are the dates and time for each sport.


6/13/20/27 – 7:30 – 8:25


6/13/20/27 – 3:00 – 4:00


10/17/24/01 – 7:30 – 8:25


Looking forward to seeing all students there


Interschool Athletics Carnival Permission Slip and Important Information

Attached is the permission slip for the Interschool atheltics Carnival.

Interschool Athletics Letter

Important Information

This year the CCSSA has decided to change the format of the Interschool Carnival. This year 8 schools will be competing at this years carnival. With this increase in schools it means that Aubin Grove will need to take less students this year. On the 24th of October, the jumps and throws day, only the competitor who placed in first postion will be required to attend the carnival. Unlike in previous years where both first and second would attend. If your child placed second in any of the following events: Long Jump, Triple Jump, Shot Put or Turbo Jav then unfortunately they wont be able to attend the carnival. Each school is required only 1 particapant for each event totalling 8 students across all schools. We understand that second place students will be dissapointed but this will the format of the carnival this year.

Sporting Schools Term 4

The Sporting Schools program will be returning to Aubin Grove Primary midway during Term 4. Please keep an eye out for emails for further information regarding this. Emails will be sent out early on in Term 4 so that all parents will have the time to submit an application for their child. The sports being offered this term will be Aussie Rules, Basketball and Volleyball.

Athletics Carnival Event List

Hello Parents,

Attached is a list of both the Wednesday and Friday events for our upcoming Athletics Carnival. Please note that all of the information below can also be found in your child’s classroom as all teachers now have a copy of the events list.

400m and events

Faction Carnival Event List

Parent Letter 2017

Winter Carnival

In Week 9, on the 23rd of June just over 80 of our Year 6 students will be participating in our Interschool Winter Carnival. The sports that the students will be involved in are: Aussie Rules, Netball, Modcrosse and Soccer. It will be an all day event with students arriving at Atwell College at approx 10:00.

A permission slip will be handed out to all students competing within the next few days. Permission slips can also be found at the front office. Please come along to support your child and thier peers as they represent Aubin Grove.

Updated Dates to Remember

A change has been made to the calendar and the lapathon will still be taking place but the Year levels running on those days has changed.


Tuesday 16th of May – Year 3-6 AND the kindy students who attend Kindy on Tuesdays.

Thursday 18th of May – Year PP-2 AND the kindy students who attend Kindy on Thursdays.

This is to accommodate for the Cross Country Carnival which will be happening on Friday of Week 4

Teacher V Faction Captains Soccer Match

On the last day of Term 1, the faction captains and teachers played a much anticipated soccer match, the first ever at Aubin Grove. There was a lot of talk, days prior to the match as the students began to prepare for the game. The faction captains used their lunch times to train in anticipation for a tough encounter with the fearless teachers. The day finally arrived with perfect weather, a sunny 22 degrees with a slight breeze moving across the ground. Kick off was scheduled for 2:00 and as the time arrived for the game to start, hundreds of students had flocked to the oval to see the match take place. The teachers were dealt a blow with the news that Mr Hanna and Miss Woodfin would not be able to play due to the Easter Egg hunt happening with the Pre Primary classes.


The teachers began with the kick off and play was underway. The faction captains had plenty of trouble escaping their own half within the first five minutes. A very unorthodox looking forward line including Mr Holland, Mr Beard and Miss Bent were proving plenty of trouble up front while defenders Mr Crake, Mr Ribeiro and Mrs Jeric-McFayden were proving harder to get past than a salesman in the middle of Garden City. Eventually the teachers broke through the faction captains defence and Mr Beard was able to score their first goal.


The on lookers cheered with delight as Mr Beard celebrated. Immediately after the goal Mr Pansini had made his way down to the oval and took his place in the middle of the park. Play restarted and teachers had earned themselves a corner. At this point little spot fires were breaking out everywhere. Mr Pansini and “another student” called Matthew were involved in a wrestle of the ball, while Mr Holland decided that Jazz needed to have a closer inspection of the grass as they too began wrestling on the floor. Referee Liam, had decided to let this go as the teachers took their corner. The ball fortuitously fell to the boot of Mr Paparone who then volleyed the ball at the goal putting the teachers 2-0 up just before half time.

During the half time break the faction captains were busy talking tactics while the teachers had a slightly different approach. Some teachers were sighted drinking Berocca, some were getting their calves strapped, some were applying deep heat and some were simply lying on the grass getting their breath back . The second half began and Mr Holland, who was getting plenty of shots away, was probably closer to hitting the sun rather than the goals. The teachers had made a breakaway and were able to score their third goal with a chip over the top of their second half goalkeeper, Kiefer. The teachers were in a commanding position and when Mr Beard was able to put away their fourth the match appeared to be over. The teacher’s goalkeeper Mr Alessandrini, was more reliable than a bottle of Rexona until he had an absolute brain fade when he kicked the ball straight to Jasmine. She then quickly reacted and kicked the faction captains first ever goal!! Liam then blew the final whistle and the match came to an end with the teachers victorious with a 4-1 win. The teachers now take a 1-0 lead in the “tri series” with the next game predicted to be on the last day of school in Term 2.



Term 2 Dates to Remember

Term 2 is going to be a very big term for our Physical Education team. The lapathon makes its return this year with it spanning across two separate dates. Our Cross Country day will also be on this term and all students are expected to participate in the big event. The top six competitors from each year level will also be invited to participate in the Interschool Cross Country. Year 5 and 6 students will also be able to try out for our interschool Winter Carnival teams which are scheduled to take place late in term 2. The sports that will be on offer this term will be Aussie Rules, Soccer, Modcrosse and Netball. Our Sporting Schools program will also take place early on in Term 2 with a completely different choice of sports compared to Term 1. Below are the dates for all of our events.

The Lapathon Kindy – Year 2 16th of May (Tuesday)

The Lapathon Year 3 – Year 6 18th of May (Thursday)

Cross Country Year 3 – Year 6 19th of May (Friday)

Interschool Cross Country – Year 3 – Year 6 21st of June (Wednesday)

Interschool Winter Carnival Year 5 – Year 6 23rd of June (Friday)

Southside Storm Volleyball Club

If your child has an interest in playing Volleyball for a club this year then please see the attached flyer. Carly Walters runs this club and also happens to be a parent at our school. The club is for for any child aged 10-12 and at only $5 a session it is great value!!



Sporting Schools Final Week!!

Our last week of the sporting schools program will be this week with the exception of basketball. The final basketball session will be on the 27th of March. With rain predicted this week, please note that all programs will still go ahead. If the rain becomes too much we will then move into the undercover area. Thank you to everyone who has shown interest in the program and we’ll certainly be looking to continue with this next term.