Hello my name is Matthew Paparone and I teach most of the students from Year 3 to Year 6 for Health and Physical Education. Each term is aimed at focusing on two sports and the skills associated with those sports. Each sport has 5 weeks dedicated to learning the skills, practising and then taking those skills into a game situation. During this time our main focus is to measure student ability by using the “Visible Learning” approach. In order for this to happen students are filmed at least once and then either self or peer assess in order to identify target areas for improvement. This method has been proven to increase student progress as students are in control of their learning.

Cross Country Practice

Since the beginning of the term, all students from Year 3- 6 have been getting themselves ready for our Cross Country event on the 19th of May. We have been using the four light poles on the western side of the school as our training area. Year 4 and Year 5 students have been running a minimum of 2 laps around the light poles, while the Year 6’s have been running 3 laps. As part of our continued effort to always improve, the students have been timing themselves week after week.

This has lead to some impressive results with some students taking anywhere from a few seconds up to one whole minute of their original time. All students have a goal to try and beat and they are doing a really good job at achieving it. Below are some students from Mr Beard’s class who have taken on the challenge brilliantly.