Welcome to Room 1 Pre-primary / Year 1

In Room 1 we have both Pre-primary and Year 1 students.

We will work throughout the year to build a community of learners who are able to express their understandings in a variety of different ways. We will be developing our understandings of the Aubin Grove Learner Qualities and ensuring that we work towards having a Growth Mindset.

All students in Room 1 will attend Specialist classes at the same time. However, only Year 1 students will participate in Junior Sport on a Monday and attend Junior Assemblies as scheduled on a Tuesday afternoon.

Room 1 Teacher – Mrs Kathy Hall kathryn.hall@education.wa.edu.au

Room 1 Education Assistants – Mrs Kylie Matray (Monday – Thursday) and Mrs Jodie Russo (Friday)

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