Kiss & Drop!

Hi Everyone

From tomorrow morning (Friday), we will have a ‘Kiss and Drop’ at the classroom door as we will be starting to put up work for Open Night. Please say your goodbyes at the door and do not enter the classroom. This will be in place until Open Night where you will be able to come in and see your child’s work for the term.

Thank you!

Kate 🙂

Week 9 Update!

Hi Everyone

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Just a few things to let you know about for this coming week.

We have no Music today as Mrs V needed to use our class time for her Junior Lunchtime Concert that is happening today. Instead we will have Music on Thursday morning, first thing.

On Thursday, there will be no Library session as Mr Paparone needed to use this time to help him organise the Yr 3-6 Athletics Carnival which is on Friday. Therefore there will be no borrowing of books this week. It will be back to normal next week and the kids will be able to borrow a new book in time for the school holidays.

Lastly, this Friday please return all Home Reading Books. There will be no books handed out next week as the Home Reading Trolley will be returned to the Library over the holidays. Home Reading Books will start again in Week 2 of next term.

Next week is going to be a busy end of the term week too:

  • Mon/Tues – Author visit for Book Week
  • Wednesday – Open Night (evening)
  • Thursday – Grey Progress Folders go home
  • Friday – Book Week Dress Up

Have a great week!

Kate 🙂

Week 8!

Hi Everyone

I hope you are all having a great weekend! The weather has been wonderful.. but i’m not sure how long that will last!!

Thank you to all the Dads/Mums who could make our Father’s Day morning last Friday. We had such a great morning spending it with you. A little something will come home by the end of the week to remember the morning by.

Tomorrow we will be attending the Japanese Incursion – Taiko Drums in the morning, which will be exciting!

Friday is Fume Free Friday again. This is an opportunity to walk, ride or scooter to school instead of driving. Milos will be given out again in the LC4 alcove.

Only two more weeks left of this term after this week!!! We will have a busy week 10 with Open Night on the Wednesday evening and Book Week Dress up on the Friday.

Lastly, grey progress folders will be going home in week 10 on the Thursday. Here you will be able to sit down with your child and see the progress they have made over the last three terms.

Enjoy this sunny weather while it last!

Kate 🙂

Week 6 Update!

Hi Everyone

Week 6 already! The term is flying by really quickly! Below are a few things that are coming up at school for us.

This Friday, 25th August is Sports Day Dress Up. Come in anything sports related. Please also have your child bring along a gold coin donation to help support the Year 6’s Big Week Out.

Next Friday, 1st September is our Father’s Day morning (Week 7). It will start at 8.45am and finish at 9.30am. I will pop up the RSVP sheet tomorrow on the whiteboard outside the classroom. Please pop Dad’s name down if they will be able to attend or if they can’t someone else special to your child (Pop, Grandpa, Uncle or even Mum).

On Thursday, 7th September (Week 8) is the Japanese Incursion. We will be watching Taiko Drums perform in the undercover area.

Open Night is this term in Week 10, Wednesday 20th September. Further details will be sent out closer to the date. Pop this date in the diary!

Book Week dress up is Friday, Week 10 (last day of school). A note went home on Friday last week with further details. The Pre-primaries have picked a very broad theme of ‘Australia’. Be as creative as you like with this theme and there really is no restrictions as we would like to make the dress up day as easy as possible with as little stress as possible!! If you have any concerns please come and see me!

I hope you all have an enjoyable rest of the week!

Kate 🙂

Photos of our Excursion!

Hi Everyone

Here are just a few photos from Friday. We had an awesome day exploring the zoo and researching our Australian animal during our ‘Bush Party’. More photos will be on your child’s iBook which will be on display on the Open Night in week 10.

Enjoy 🙂

Eating our lunch on the lawn area.

Dressed up as our Australian animals during our Bush Party!

Listening to the Bush Party story

Enjoy the rest of your week!


Zoo Excursion – Friday!

Hi Everyone,

This Friday the 11th of August is the excursion to the Perth Zoo. Could students please be at their classrooms by at 8:15am sharp. On this day we will be doing ‘Kiss and Drop’ as we need to have all students toileted, counted and on the bus by 8:40am. It is very important we are on time as some classes will be starting their ‘Bush Party’ learning experience at 9:45am. 

Children will need:

  • To be wearing their hat when they come in the door (labelled with name)
  • Drink bottle in their bag (labelled with name)
  • Spare change of clothes (all students MUST have a spare change in their bag, even if they do not normally have accidents – as sometimes unforeseen circumstances can occur like wet weather)
  • To bring their normal school bags into the classroom (please ensure this is a zip up bag as we do not want the crows to get into any student lunches at the zoo)
  • Lunch and recess packed in their lunchbox 
  • Walking shoes
  • Please put sunscreen on before school

ALL STUDENTS MUST WEAR PURPLE SCHOOL UNIFORM ON FRIDAY! This makes our school students easy to identify by our staff and parent helpers.

At this stage the weather is looking clear. However, if this changes please pack a rain jacket.

If you are a parent helper for the day please arrive by 8.10am so we can run through the day. Parent helpers will be responsible for their group including toileting. Please be reassured that the toilets will be checked before students enter the cubicles.

Parents, if you are joining us at the zoo, please respect the parent helpers who are in charge of your child during this time. If you are going to meet us at the zoo with younger siblings – please remember that this is an educational experience for students and we will need the students to remain focused on this, rather than their younger siblings if this becomes a distraction. During the ‘Bush Party’ experience, parents attending with younger siblings will not be able to participate as there is a separate cost for this which was already included in student’s entry fees and this program is not open to the general public.

If you have any further questions please see me. We are really looking forward to an educational, fun filled day.

Thank you!

Kate 🙂

Week 3 Update!

Hi Everyone,

I hope you have all had a wonderful week so far! Just a quick update this week.

Zoo Excursion – permission note and money is due by next Wednesday. Please place note and money into an envelope and place in the school letter box located at the front office. Further information about the excursion will be posted here next week.

Mystery Boxes – the children are LOVING the mystery boxes and are being very creative with what to place into them. All we ask is to return the box the next day so we can pass onto the next person. You will only receive three boxes over the term.

Home Reading Books – just a reminder to try and return on Friday as we have Leia (Imogen’s Mum) and Marnie (Laila’s Mum) swapping the books on Friday afternoon ready for us to hand out Monday afternoon the following week. If your child’s book isn’t returned on Friday we do find it hard to find time throughout the day to swap your child’s book. We do really appreciate your cooperation with this.

Sight Word Books – we are so pleased with the progress everyone is making with their sight words. This has been instrumental in helping your child to read books. Please keep bringing them back in once they have mastered their current set of sight words and we will test them and give them a new set. Please remind your child that sight words cannot be sounded out. They need to try and remember the shape of the word by sight!! This can be quite hard for some words. Don’t be disheartened if your child takes longer with some sets as they will get harder as they progress through the Magic 100 Sight Words. If you have an worries about your child’s progress please feel free to email me or chat with me before or after school. (Please remember we don’t expect your child to know all 100 this year, they will continue to progress through them in Year 1).

Thanks everyone! Enjoy the rest of your week 🙂


Week 2 Update!

Hi Everyone,

I hope you have had a great week so far! I know we have!

Excursion money and permission slips (along with the medical form) is due back next Wednesday 9th August. Please place into an envelope and put in the ‘School’ letterbox which is located at the admin building. The kids are super excited and cannot wait for our trip to the zoo. I will send further information about what to pack and wear closer to the date.

Next Tuesday 1st August, I will be away in the morning again for another appointment but will be back in the afternoon. I will also be away on Monday afternoon the 14th August for an appointment but hopefully this will be it for a little while. Thanks for your patience with this.

A note went home yesterday about puddle play. The kids are welcome to bring their gumboots to school and wear them when it has rained to play in the puddles in the nature playground. Please bring the boots in a plastic bag. Gumboots shouldn’t be worn to and from school as they are not appropriate footwear. Please ensure your child still wears their school shoes and we will allow them to change into their boots during school time. At the end of the day I will ensure they put their school shoes back on and place their wet gumboots back into the plastic bag. If you have any queries in regards to this, please come and see me!

Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week!

Kate 🙂

100 Days of School Celebration!

Here are some pictures we took on Tuesday – the kids loved dressing up as their 100 year old self. We celebrated by making 100 snacks, counting to 100 (lots and lots!!) and we had a Pre-primary parade around the nature in our crowns and ties! It was lots of fun!!

Here we are trying to ‘look’ 100 years old (I think there are a few grumpy faces!!)

Here we are after our parade around the nature playground with all the other Pre-primary classes.

Here we are ready to count to 100!

No Faction Shirts Tomorrow

Hi Everyone

I forgot to mention in my last post about wearing the school purple shirt/dress for our photos tomorrow. Please no faction shirts this week!

Thank you,


Week 1 Update!

Hi Everyone,

What a fantastic start to term 3! I have loved hearing about the adventures of the school holidays and we have been busy all this week getting ready to celebrate the 100th day of school next Tuesday.

This Friday we have our class school photo session. We are first up at 9am so when you and your child arrive at school on Friday morning we will have no activities out but instead we will be ordering the kids from shortest to tallest so we can be ready to be on time for our photos. If you prefer you can just kiss and drop at the classroom door.

Thank you to those parents who have already given me their child’s $5 cooking money. We are hoping to continue cooking as much as possible and the money goes towards buying the ingredients.

Next Tuesday we will celebrate the 100th day of school and I’m really looking forward to seeing the children dress up as their 100 year old self!! I won’t be greeting the children in the morning as I have an appointment but I will be back at school before lunch to help them celebrate the rest of the day! We have lots of fun and exciting activities planned to celebrate them being 100 days smarter!!

Lastly, please return all excursion permission notes and money to the office by the due date. The kids are super excited and cannot wait to visit the zoo. As with every school excursions, they wouldn’t be possible without our fabulous parent helpers!! If you would like to help out and be a parent helper for the day please email me ( and let me know. Unfortunately, we can only have a handful of parent helpers so if I have lots of volunteers I will draw names out of a hat to make it fair. Also if you would like to be a helper, unfortunately, we cannot have siblings attend as you will be caring for 5 children in your group on the day. Alternatively, if you would like to attend and bring your child’s sibling along you are more than welcome to. You can meet us there and pay your own entry for the day and enjoy the activities with your child’s group. Any questions please come and see me or send a quick email!

Kate 🙂

Welcome to Term 3!

Hi Everyone,

I hope you all had a fantastic holiday and are ready to return to school on Monday 17th of July. I know I am looking forward to hearing all about your child’s holiday adventures. We have another exciting term of learning planned and I am looking forward to seeing student’s abilities and confidence grow further this term.

This term, we will be focusing on Australia and Australian animals through our English program. To support our learning around this topic, we will be going on an excursion to Perth Zoo on Friday the 11th of August. A note regarding this will be sent home on Monday.

Below are a few important notes:

  • In week 2, on Tuesday 25th of July, we will be celebrating our 100th Day of School. Please see the note sent home last term of the information on the blog regarding our fun dress up day that will form part of our celebrations (I have also included a copy to this blog post).
  • Our school photos will be on Friday 21st of July.
  • This term’s oral language program is Mystery Boxes. There are three different sized boxes. Your child will receive each of the different sized box over the course of the term. Please help your child to find something from home that will fit into the mystery box (please no toys and also discuss with your child what could potentially fit into the sized box they have). Inside the box you will receive 4 clue cards so they can tell their peers and allow them to guess what’s inside the box. Clues could include what it looks like (shape, size, colour), what it might be used for, what it is made out of, where it is kept in the houses and anything else that will help us guess what’s inside the box. Please allow your child to write the clues down with your assistance. Any questions please come and see me.
  • Please bring in your $5 for Semester Two cooking at your earliest convenience. Students have LOVED participating in our cooking program and we would love to cook some new recipes in Semester Two.
  • Save The Date (Dads) – On Friday the 1st of September, we will be having a special Fathers Day Morning.
  • Our home readers will be sent home on Monday, week 2. Each term our books are returned at the end of week 9 and all of the books are checked off and we are given a new trolley of books to borrow from. Thank you for your understanding in recognising that we do have week 10 and week 1 off home reading to allow for this transition of reading books throughout the school.
  • On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, we will be commencing new morning writing books. These morning books are focusing on students reading the word (blending CVC or CVCC/CCVC sounds to read words) and then writing the word correctly using the dotted thirds lines. Our major focus in these books is developing students letter formations. Just like last term, students will only need to complete one column of words on each of these days.

Looking forward to see you all on Monday!

Kate 🙂

Home Reading Books

Hi Everyone,

Home Reading books won’t be given out next week as they all need to be returned to the library before the holidays. If your child’s reader wasn’t returned today, could you please return next week. New home reading books will be given out next term at the beginning of week 2.

Please note if home reading books are not returned the library will invoice you for the cost of the book.

Thanks everyone, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Kate 🙂

Science Competition

Hi Everyone

The note went home this week regarding the Science Competition. It is completely optional and must be completed at home during the holidays. Entry forms are due back next Friday June 30th. Then the exhibition of their project or presentation will be ran in Week 2 of Term 3 during lunch times.

If you require any further information please come and see me.

Have fun!


Week 9 Update!

Hi Everyone,

Hope you all had another wonderful weekend!

On Wednesday 21st June 2017 we are going to celebrate the Winter Solstice by wearing our pyjamas to school. Winter Solstice is the shortest day and longest night of the year and this year it occurs this Wednesday. On this day, we will also be having an “hour without power,” to remind students of the importance of power and how it impacts our lives.

To celebrate this day we ask that students:

  • Wear their pyjamas (if they would like to participate)
  • Wear their school shoes
  • Tie up their hair if shoulder length or longer
  • Still wear their hat as normal at recess and lunch
  • Wear clothing that covers their shoulders and be no shorter in length than the school uniform (the forecast is rain so an extra jacket might be needed too)

We look forward to seeing lots of cosy pyjamas on Wednesday. Also, apologies for the late notice. However it was only decided late last week by the Environmental Committee and then there was confusion over which day it will be held for our school.

I’ll be away again tomorrow for another doctors appointment. However, Tracey Lucas will be in for me again. This will be the last day i’ll be away for this term.

Lastly, next week the school will be celebrating NAIDOC Week and the children will get to enjoy an incursion next Thursday 29th June to help celebrate. Further details will be sent closer to the date.

Have an awesome week!

Kate 🙂

Week 8 Update!

Hi Everyone

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

This Friday, 16th June is Fume Free Friday. please either walk, scooter or ride to school. When you arrive please head to the Learning Community 4 (LC4) block with your own cup for a free milo. The children are welcome to bring back to the classroom to drink.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) I will be away for a follow up appointment with my doctor. Tracey Lucas will be in for the day.

The school has had a few cases of nits in the last few weeks and both Vanessa Johnstone and myself sent home notes when children in room 1 had to be treated. If you could please keep an eye out and keep checking your child’s hair just so we don’t have another outbreak that would be great.

Lastly, just a reminder about playing on the Nature Playground before and after school. Last week we had an incident with a child who seriously hurt themselves before school. The school rules are if a child is caught playing on the playground before or after school then they will sit out at recess play either that day or the next. I have reminded everyone in room 1 but if you could help by making sure your child doesn’t play then we will limit any accidents happening.

Thank you, I hope you all have a fantastic week!

Kate 🙂

Week 6 Update

Hi Everyone

This week is a short week as Friday is a Student Development Day and therefore there is no school. I will be joining the other teachers to continue our Professional Development in our school’s Visible Learning journey.

Next week will also be a short week as Monday is a Public Holiday. I hope everyone has an enjoyable long weekend with your families.

As of next week I will be full time back into the classroom. However in the remaining weeks of term I will have a few more days off as I have follow up doctor’s appointments to check on my progress from my surgery. I have asked for Tracey Lucas to be my relief to try and keep consistency for the children. Again, thank you so much for the support and understanding I have received from everyone as I have transitioned back into the classroom.

Also just a reminder, as I have missed the first 4 weeks of term and also had 2 weeks of part time work, I will be using the remainder of term to assess your child’s progress and therefore your child’s report will be sent home in the first week of Term 3 instead of week 10 of this term. If you have any concerns about this please come and see me.

Thank you and enjoy the rest of your week!

Kate 🙂

“CRAZY HAIR DAY” Friday 9th of June 2017

The Year 6 Fundraising Committee are planning a “Crazy Hair Day” on Friday 9th of June (Week 7), to raise money for the Graduating Year 6’s “Big Week Out & Graduation Dinner/Dance!”

Please support our graduating class of 2017, by showcasing your “Crazy Hair!”

***Gold Coin Donation please, to be paid to your class teacher on the day***

Thank you for supporting the Graduating Class of 2017!

Year 6 Parent Fundraising Committee

P.S. It is fine to put colour in the kids’ hair, as long as it is able to wash out after the day. No permanent colour.

Week 5 Update

Hi Everyone,

My first post for the term!

Firstly I would like to thank you all for your kind words and support as I transition back to work. I am recovering from surgery so over the next two weeks I will only be working Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Tracey Lucas will fill in for me on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Also I would also like to thank you for the kind birthday gift I received on Monday, I felt very spoilt!

I know a parent help roster hasn’t been organised for this term so I will pop one up by the end of the week. Please pop your name down on a day that suits you if you wish to come in a help. Apologies for not having one up sooner!

Attached to this post is the Topic Time (news) schedule and below is your child’s news day. Please encourage your child to bring in an item each week so they can talk about the item and become confident in presenting in front of their peers.

Aiden F
Isabella F




Aiden T
Isabella T

Topic Time

If you have any questions please either email me or see me before or after school.

Kate 🙂

Mother’s Day Morning – Term 2

The Pre-primary Mother’s Day morning will be on Friday 12th May from 8.45am – 9:30am. All mums/grandmas/auntys or special ladies will be invited in to spend the morning being pampered in room 1. Please pop this date and time into your diary and I’ll send more information closer to the day.
Kate 🙂


Next term we won’t be having shared fruit. Please pack a piece of fruit for your child. We find it easier if it’s in a separate container in their lunch box/bag so they can easily access it for recess time. We won’t be able to cut up any fruit next term.

Swimming Lessons – Term 2

Swimming lessons will start the first day back (Wednesday 26th April). Our swimming session will start at 9.45am at Southlake Leisure Centre.

Please have your child wear their swimming attire/bathers underneath their school uniform to school each morning (boys can wear their boardies and a school t-shirt). Please also pack a swimming bag which will include easy slip on shoes to wear, swimming goggles if needed, a swimming towel and a dressing gown to wear to and from the pool. We find a dressing gown is the easiest item of clothing to take off and put on at the end of the lesson. It will also keep them warm after their lesson.

Please have two clearly labelled bags (plastic bags/fabric shopping bags work well). One bag will be their swimming bag they will take with them to the pool and the other bag will be used to place their school uniform into. This bag will stay at school. Please remember to pack underwear in this bag. Each morning the children will remove their uniform and wear their dressing gown to the pool and then change into full uniform once we arrive back at school.

Lastly, please clearly label all items of clothing and towels. This makes it easy for us to find the owner of missing items.

Week 10 Update

Hi Everyone

Last week of term 1! Cannot believe how fast the time has gone. Just a few reminders for the last week of school.

Wednesday – is the last day for swimming lesson permission note and payment. Please hand all notes and money to the front office ladies.

Thursday – we will be having a Constable Care incursion where we will be learning about how to keep safe.

Friday – Easter bunny visit and last day of term.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday if you are getting away for Easter. Drive safe and I’ll see you back on Wednesday 26th April!

Kate 🙂

Library Book

Hi Everyone

Just a quick message about the Library. This was the last week to borrow a book as the library is getting new shelving to accommodate more books. Your child can keep their book they borrowed yesterday until next term. Please don’t worry about returning next week or if you prefer you can place into our library tub and it’ll stay there over the holidays until they can borrow a new book in week 2 of next term.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Week 9 Update

Hi Everyone

Next week is our last week of school for Term 1. It has flown by and I have loved getting to know your kids! Next term starts on Wednesday 26th April as Monday 24th is a Student Development Day and Tuesday is ANZAC Day.

Swimming Lesson permission note and payment is due next Wednesday 5th April. Please send all permission notes and money to the front office by this day. I’m hoping to have further information about our class swimming time next week. As soon as I find out more information I’ll post onto the blog.

As next week is our last week we will be having a visit from the Easter bunny on the last day of school and we will also be attending an in-school ANZAC Day service on Thursday.

Lastly, we have an overflow of rice crackers and biscuits so please only send in fruit for the remainder of the term so we can get through our crackers before the holidays. As of next term the children will be bringing their own individual fruit in their lunch boxes instead of shared fruit.

Hope you have an enjoyable rest of the week!

Kate 🙂

Swimming Lessons Note

Swimming Lesson notes went home yesterday. The swimming lessons will run for 8 days, instead of the standard 10, due to the first Monday back being a Student Development Day and the Tuesday being a public holiday for ANZAC day. The cost of the 8 day course is $42.00 and the lessons will be held at South Lake Leisure Centre. Please have the payment finalised by Wednesday 5th April. You can drop the swimming permission note and money into an envelope and post in the School post box at the front office.

Harmony Day – Friday 17th

Harmony Day is this Friday. Thank you to those parents who have put down a dish to bring in for us to share. Please only bring a small to medium portion. We will have lots of food to share so you won’t need to worry about having enough for everyone. We will only need to have a small sample of each dish. Lastly, if you are not bringing in a dish to share please pack a lunch for your child to eat.

Welcome to Room 1’s Blog!

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to Room 1’s blog! Here I will post all important information and events. Please feel free to comment on any of my posts or ask questions.

Hope you all have a wonderful week!

Kate 🙂

Welcome to Room 1 Pre-primary

Welcome to Room 1’s Blog! Here you can find information about what is happening in our classroom, Pre-primary events and important information for parents.

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