Athletics Carnival Tomorrow

Hi Everyone

Just a last minute reminder about the Athletics Carnival tomorrow morning. Doors will open early at 8.10/8.15am as we will be parading down for a 8.40am start. The kids will only need to take their hats and water bottles to the oval. Bags/recess will remain at the classroom. Today was a very sunny day so please ensure your child applies sunscreen in the morning before coming to school.

The carnival will finish at 10.45am in which, as a class, we will walk back to the classroom. If you wish to take your child/sign them out of school after the carnival please walk back to classroom with us so I can tick your child off my list (it just makes it easier for me to monitor at the classroom instead of down at the oval).

A parent has also asked if they can spray their child’s hair in the faction colours and this has been ok’d by Mrs Fritchley (Deputy) and Mr Fritchley (PE Teacher).

I hope the children have an enjoyable time at their first big athletics carnival!

Any questions please see me in the morning!

Kate 🙂

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