Week 6 Update!

Hi Everyone

Just a few reminders this week!

Library Book borrowing – tomorrow all books must be returned to the library in preparation for the end of the year. Therefore your child won’t be able to borrow any more books for the remainder of the year. So instead of library, Mr Paparone will do an extra sport session (which they love!!) during library time for weeks 8, 9 and 10.

Home Reading Books – all books must be returned next week as the book trolley also needs to be returned by the end of next week. A massive big thank you to Leia (Imogen’s Mum) and Marnie (Layla’s Mum) who changed the home reading books each week! Such a massive help and one less thing I had to remember to do this year!!

Week 7 – there will be a few changes to specialist subjects next week. There will be no library/extra sport session on Thursday as Mr Paparone will be going on the Year 6 Big Week Out that day. Also art will be on Thursday morning instead of Friday afternoon as I wanted to spend that time with the kids so I can give them their gifts and say my goodbyes.

My Last Week – next week is my last week before my maternity leave starts! Firstly, a big thank you to you all. Everyone has been an such amazing support for me over the year and I have absolutely loved teaching your child this year. I hope you all have an amazing Christmas break with your families and when I return from my leave in a couple of years i’ll look forward to seeing you and your child around the school.

Have an enjoyable rest of the week!

Kate 🙂

Week 4 Update!

Hi Everyone!

I hope you have all had a wonderful week so far! The weather has been amazing this week and we have been enjoying lots of water play in the Nature Playground.

Tomorrow Nerida Clarke will be in to teach whilst i’m completing some assessment for the end of the year. Also next Tuesday I have another Dr’s appointment and therefore Sophie Yeomans will be in. The children met her early this week whilst she was in doing relief for another class. I really appreciate your understanding as I take more days off to attend appointments as they are becoming more frequent the closer I get to D day!!

Mr Pansini has asked us to all remind parents about children playing before and after school on the play grounds (this includes both the Nature Playground and the Spiderman Playground) and includes siblings. Each lunch time the Pre-primaries tidy and pack away the sandpit toys and make the playground look neat and tidy. They do get disappointed when they see the sandpit looking messy. I have reminded all of Room 1 that if they are caught playing on the playground before or after school they move their name on the 123 chart. I will be placing this message on my whiteboard for next week as a reminder to all parents.

If your child is leaving Aubin Grove at the end of the year and attending another primary school can you please let me know so we can forward this information onto Frank and Jaylene. This helps them to plan for classes for 2018.

I hope you have all had time to look through your child’s Grey Progress Folder to see the wonderful progress they have made this year. Once you have had a good look through can you please return to me in preparation to hand over to the Year 1 teacher at the end of the year (and as i’m leaving early – week 7 – I would like to have this organised before I go).

Thank you again, have a wonderful Friday and weekend!

Kate 🙂

Cubby Building Incursion Photos

Hi Everyone

Here are a few shots of the cubby building incursion we had last Thursday (my blog has finally been fixed so I can post photos again!!). The kids loved the afternoon and had some very creative ideas whilst using their problem solving, team work and communication skills to build their cubbies!

Enjoy 🙂


Communicating on how best to build a cubby


Team work and problem solving skills being used to make a ‘zip line’ into their cubby


Sometimes we need adult help to tie things together


Discussion about what a cubby is

Athletics Carnival Tomorrow

Hi Everyone

Just a last minute reminder about the Athletics Carnival tomorrow morning. Doors will open early at 8.10/8.15am as we will be parading down for a 8.40am start. The kids will only need to take their hats and water bottles to the oval. Bags/recess will remain at the classroom. Today was a very sunny day so please ensure your child applies sunscreen in the morning before coming to school.

The carnival will finish at 10.45am in which, as a class, we will walk back to the classroom. If you wish to take your child/sign them out of school after the carnival please walk back to classroom with us so I can tick your child off my list (it just makes it easier for me to monitor at the classroom instead of down at the oval).

A parent has also asked if they can spray their child’s hair in the faction colours and this has been ok’d by Mrs Fritchley (Deputy) and Mr Fritchley (PE Teacher).

I hope the children have an enjoyable time at their first big athletics carnival!

Any questions please see me in the morning!

Kate 🙂

Week 3 Reminders :)

Hi Everyone

Just a few reminders for next week!

Tuesday 24th October – I will be away for the day as I have a doctor’s checkup.

Wednesday 25th October – Kindy/PP Athletics Carnival starting at 8.40am. Doors will open early at 8.15am as we will start parading down as a class at 8.40am to ensure the carnival starts on time. Please ensure your child has their hat and water bottle ready for the morning. Also please have their hat clearly marked with their name. The reason we ask is because for their running race we get the children to take off their hats and place into a tub. To make it easy for the faction bay teacher, a clearly marked name will ensure your child’s hat is returned to them after their race.

Friday 27th October – Student Development Day. There is no school this day as all teachers will be completing another component of the Visible Learning professional development.

Kate 🙂

Athletics Carnival

Hi Everyone

I have placed the event list for next weeks Kindy/PP Athletics Carnival up on the Communication Board outside the classroom (just next to the Parent Help Roster). Your child will be in at least two events, their running race and a team game. In the event that a faction doesn’t have enough numbers (boys and girls) your child may be in another team game to make up numbers. I have highlighted our Room 1 names to make it easier for you to find your child’s name on the event list.

The carnival will finish at recess time, in which you are welcome to come back to the classroom to either sign your child out of school for the remainder of the day or to share recess with your child before you leave for the day.

Any questions please either email myself or come and see me.

Kate 🙂

Week 2 Update!

Hi Everyone!

Finally sorted out the Blog but I still cannot post pictures. I’ve decided I will print the pictures from last term (Book Week Dress Up, Japanese Incursion and RU OK Day) and put up outside on the classroom windows. So when you drop off and pick up you will be able to have a little look then. Apologies for the technical issues!

This week we will be visited by Beccy from Nature Play WA who will be completing a Cubby Incursion in the Nature Playground with all the Pre-primaries. Our session is scheduled for Thursday afternoon. Let’s hope this horrible weather clears up by then.

Home Reading Books will go home today and we have also started our morning handwriting booklets. The children will only need to complete one page each morning. The only time they have two to complete is when they start a new letter family and there is a pre-handwriting pattern page they need to trace first. If you are not sure just ask myself, Vanessa or Matt. On Wednesday mornings when Mel Jane (Jane Sensei) opens the doors the handwriting booklets won’t be out but instead we will have fine motor activities.

Reminder for next week: Kindy/PP Athletics Carnival will be on Wednesday 25th October. It will commence at 8.40am however all kids need to be dropped off at the classroom first and we will parade down to the oval. All information was sent home last week in a note from Craig Fritchley. If you have any questions please come and see me. The event list will be up shortly as soon as the PE teachers finalise the days events.

Hope you have an enjoyable week!

Kate 🙂

Kiss & Drop!

Hi Everyone

From tomorrow morning (Friday), we will have a ‘Kiss and Drop’ at the classroom door as we will be starting to put up work for Open Night. Please say your goodbyes at the door and do not enter the classroom. This will be in place until Open Night where you will be able to come in and see your child’s work for the term.

Thank you!

Kate 🙂

Week 9 Update!

Hi Everyone

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Just a few things to let you know about for this coming week.

We have no Music today as Mrs V needed to use our class time for her Junior Lunchtime Concert that is happening today. Instead we will have Music on Thursday morning, first thing.

On Thursday, there will be no Library session as Mr Paparone needed to use this time to help him organise the Yr 3-6 Athletics Carnival which is on Friday. Therefore there will be no borrowing of books this week. It will be back to normal next week and the kids will be able to borrow a new book in time for the school holidays.

Lastly, this Friday please return all Home Reading Books. There will be no books handed out next week as the Home Reading Trolley will be returned to the Library over the holidays. Home Reading Books will start again in Week 2 of next term.

Next week is going to be a busy end of the term week too:

  • Mon/Tues – Author visit for Book Week
  • Wednesday – Open Night (evening)
  • Thursday – Grey Progress Folders go home
  • Friday – Book Week Dress Up

Have a great week!

Kate 🙂

Week 8!

Hi Everyone

I hope you are all having a great weekend! The weather has been wonderful.. but i’m not sure how long that will last!!

Thank you to all the Dads/Mums who could make our Father’s Day morning last Friday. We had such a great morning spending it with you. A little something will come home by the end of the week to remember the morning by.

Tomorrow we will be attending the Japanese Incursion – Taiko Drums in the morning, which will be exciting!

Friday is Fume Free Friday again. This is an opportunity to walk, ride or scooter to school instead of driving. Milos will be given out again in the LC4 alcove.

Only two more weeks left of this term after this week!!! We will have a busy week 10 with Open Night on the Wednesday evening and Book Week Dress up on the Friday.

Lastly, grey progress folders will be going home in week 10 on the Thursday. Here you will be able to sit down with your child and see the progress they have made over the last three terms.

Enjoy this sunny weather while it last!

Kate 🙂