Week 2 Update!

Hi Everyone,

I hope you have had a great week so far! I know we have!

Excursion money and permission slips (along with the medical form) is due back next Wednesday 9th August. Please place into an envelope and put in the ‘School’ letterbox which is located at the admin building. The kids are super excited and cannot wait for our trip to the zoo. I will send further information about what to pack and wear closer to the date.

Next Tuesday 1st August, I will be away in the morning again for another appointment but will be back in the afternoon. I will also be away on Monday afternoon the 14th August for an appointment but hopefully this will be it for a little while. Thanks for your patience with this.

A note went home yesterday about puddle play. The kids are welcome to bring their gumboots to school and wear them when it has rained to play in the puddles in the nature playground. Please bring the boots in a plastic bag. Gumboots shouldn’t be worn to and from school as they are not appropriate footwear. Please ensure your child still wears their school shoes and we will allow them to change into their boots during school time. At the end of the day I will ensure they put their school shoes back on and place their wet gumboots back into the plastic bag. If you have any queries in regards to this, please come and see me!

Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week!

Kate 🙂

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