Week 3 Reminders :)

Hi Everyone

Just a few reminders for next week!

Tuesday 24th October – I will be away for the day as I have a doctor’s checkup.

Wednesday 25th October – Kindy/PP Athletics Carnival starting at 8.40am. Doors will open early at 8.15am as we will start parading down as a class at 8.40am to ensure the carnival starts on time. Please ensure your child has their hat and water bottle ready for the morning. Also please have their hat clearly marked with their name. The reason we ask is because for their running race we get the children to take off their hats and place into a tub. To make it easy for the faction bay teacher, a clearly marked name will ensure your child’s hat is returned to them after their race.

Friday 27th October – Student Development Day. There is no school this day as all teachers will be completing another component of the Visible Learning professional development.

Kate 🙂

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