Week 3 Update!

Hi Everyone,

I hope you have all had a wonderful week so far! Just a quick update this week.

Zoo Excursion – permission note and money is due by next Wednesday. Please place note and money into an envelope and place in the school letter box located at the front office. Further information about the excursion will be posted here next week.

Mystery Boxes – the children are LOVING the mystery boxes and are being very creative with what to place into them. All we ask is to return the box the next day so we can pass onto the next person. You will only receive three boxes over the term.

Home Reading Books – just a reminder to try and return on Friday as we have Leia (Imogen’s Mum) and Marnie (Laila’s Mum) swapping the books on Friday afternoon ready for us to hand out Monday afternoon the following week. If your child’s book isn’t returned on Friday we do find it hard to find time throughout the day to swap your child’s book. We do really appreciate your cooperation with this.

Sight Word Books – we are so pleased with the progress everyone is making with their sight words. This has been instrumental in helping your child to read books. Please keep bringing them back in once they have mastered their current set of sight words and we will test them and give them a new set. Please remind your child that sight words cannot be sounded out. They need to try and remember the shape of the word by sight!! This can be quite hard for some words. Don’t be disheartened if your child takes longer with some sets as they will get harder as they progress through the Magic 100 Sight Words. If you have an worries about your child’s progress please feel free to email me or chat with me before or after school. (Please remember we don’t expect your child to know all 100 this year, they will continue to progress through them in Year 1).

Thanks everyone! Enjoy the rest of your week 🙂


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  1. Anupama
    Anupama says:

    Hello Mrs.Webster,
    Niranjan needs to stay back at home tomorrow as well because of his cough and ear infection. He will be back on Wed.
    I was wondering if it’s OK to keep the mystery box till Wed or I can hand in tomorrow as well. Niranjan had kept everything ready.
    Really sorry about the delay in handing in the mystery box.

    • katewebster
      katewebster says:

      Hi Anu – poor Niranjan. I hope he feels better soon. Cough and ear infection sounds terrible! Please don’t worry about the Mystery Box, get him to bring it in tomorrow. Hopefully see you both then.



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