Week 6 Update

Hi Everyone

This week is a short week as Friday is a Student Development Day and therefore there is no school. I will be joining the other teachers to continue our Professional Development in our school’s Visible Learning journey.

Next week will also be a short week as Monday is a Public Holiday. I hope everyone has an enjoyable long weekend with your families.

As of next week I will be full time back into the classroom. However in the remaining weeks of term I will have a few more days off as I have follow up doctor’s appointments to check on my progress from my surgery. I have asked for Tracey Lucas to be my relief to try and keep consistency for the children. Again, thank you so much for the support and understanding I have received from everyone as I have transitioned back into the classroom.

Also just a reminder, as I have missed the first 4 weeks of term and also had 2 weeks of part time work, I will be using the remainder of term to assess your child’s progress and therefore your child’s report will be sent home in the first week of Term 3 instead of week 10 of this term. If you have any concerns about this please come and see me.

Thank you and enjoy the rest of your week!

Kate 🙂


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