Almost half way through Term 3!

As we are now approaching the half way mark to our third term in Year 6, we are well and truly into our programs in all learning areas.

We have been very focused on building our knowledge of fractions, decimals and percentages. We have looked at number lines, equivalence, simplifying and how to identify a fractional amount of a whole number. Further to this, we have been working hard to rectify misconceptions we had about fractions. Our growth mindset approach has helped us to stay motivated and positive towards challenges.

As we are looking at reversible and irreversible changes in Science, we were very engaged during our Water Corporation incursion in Week 3. We learned all about the desalination process and also learned the value of water.

We reflected on our learning using our Google Classroom. In English, we have been learning the difference between formal and informal language. We are learning how to have an online discussion, as we found that many of us were only sharing our own ideas, rather than replying to and building on the ideas of others.

Our Science experiments have tested various processes such as evaporation, melting, dissolving and burning. We are focused on drawing scientific diagrams (not pictures) and labelling with our scientific knowledge rather than listing items in our diagrams. Our weekly experiments have kept motivation high!

We have a major focus on grammar and punctuation in our English sessions this term. We are then applying these skills to our narrative writing. We are beginning to notice the importance of using correct articles and tense. Further to this, we are looking at the many rules of apostrophes and commas. This is a work in progress and we will continue to emphasise these skills for the remainder of the year.

Cooperative Reading has begun again; this time with group novels and shared responsibilities. It is essential that all students dedicate adequate time, as well as effort, to Cooperative Reading. Through this, not only are we consolidating and combining many reading comprehension skills, we are also learning important skills such as referencing. In preparation for high school requirements of essay structure and literature study, Cooperative Reading, if done properly, is highly beneficial. As you can see by just some of our samples below; we are capable of some high level and impressive work.

Cooperative Reading is always dedicated some in class time and extensive discussion. It is essential that students complete their required work at home; as clearly written on the fortnightly homework grids.

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