Homework: Week 5 -6

This will be the last homework grid for Room 10 for the year. Many students are overloaded with unfinished Mathletics tasks, which means new tasks can not be set. Mathletics will still be open and I will continue to set tasks where possible. This homework grid is due Friday, Week 6. Week 7 we are at Big Week Out. There will be no homework for our class in Week 8 and 9.

Thank you.

Homework Week 3-4

Homework Term 4 Week 1 – 2

Homework Week 8 – 9

Homework Week 6 – 7

Homework Week 4 – 5

Homework Week 2 – 3

Homework Week 8 and 9

The last fortnight, there has been a dramatic drop in student homework. There have also been 14 students of our 33 who have not completed their Mathletics tasks. Please prioritise this part of your homework, as it is directly linked to our class work.

Homework Week 6 and 7

Homework Week 4 and 5