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In Term 1, our class learned about the three levels of Government. As a part of this learning, students selected an issue that meant something to them and then applied their knowledge from our persuasive writing lessons to craft a persuasive email to the local council. Councillor Portelli (East Ward City of Cockburn) and Mayor Adams (Mayor of City of Kwinana) have both been in contact with students from our class, covering a range of issues – sports grounds, playgrounds and park facilities – being the main concerns of our kids.

This week, we have had some pleasing news! Jacob (his original email below) received acknowledgement from Councillor Portelli that monies have been won for Aubin Grove to improve its sports facilities and several parks.

We were also informed that Radiata Park will be getting 2 soccer goals and a half stand for basketball.

Dear Councillor Portelli,

My name is Jacob Cotton and I am a citizen of the suburb Aubin Grove. I am 11 years old and my favourite things to do are to play sports at parks or climb structures. I am a Year 6 leader at Aubin Grove Primary School.

Recently, I have been learning about governments in my HASS (Humanities and Social Sciences) lessons and I have found out that you are responsible from making structures and other maintenance on roads, parks and footpaths. I regularly play at Tangled park but because I have been going too often, it has turned into a babyish park or it’s become something that is not suited for my age. My friends and I have recently been riding around wondering what we can play or do.

In my spare time I love to play with friends at parks, play small soccer games or go to a skate park. But lately I’ve been becoming quite bored with my surroundings. The park down the road is too babyish and too easy for older kids to play on and climb. I would like to suggest that the Council (the local government) builds more parks, or improves the parks we have already with soccer playing fields and skate parks (Tangled Park) .

As a father yourself, you should know how it is for us kids when we haven’t got any goals or skate parks near us or in our local area (Aubin Grove). If your Council were to provide this, it would give more of an opportunity for kids to go outside and build their confidence in getting outside and playing sports or just playing at a playground.

When we just have sticks as goal posts we don’t know how high the real goals are which always causes an argument. Adding nets will make kids know if the ball is in the goal or not.

I know that you have just started living in Aubin Grove in the past year (according to the City website) and I’ve seen that you have been in Atwell for 11 years and that they have these things that I have recommended. I know that you want to make our City a better place so can you please do that for Aubin Grove? You can improve our suburb by adding soccer goals and a skate park.

I know that people may say that there already enough soccer goals or skates parks around but they are not in walking distance of kids living in Aubin Grove. This makes it very hard on us, when your parents have to drive you when they work almost every day. This limits you going outside, making friends and playing the sport you love.

I have conducted the following research to support my argument: Of the 99 Year 6 students at my school, 46 play at Tangled Park. Of the 99 Year 6 students at my school, 43 enjoy playing Tangled Park.

The issue is that there is nothing for children over 10 to play with. I would suggest that the Council builds a skatepark or some soccer goals near or in Tangled Park. I also advise the Council to add nets to the soccer goals. There is a whole grass field left to waste so why not build some soccer goals or a skate park so there is more to do? This means I can enjoy playing with my friends like we used to. These grasslands are on the road Cape le grand Avenue in Aubin Grove (Pearl Flower Park) . These wasted grass ovals are suited for a skate park and soccer goals. This will make kids more excited to go outside and exercise and prevent the use of screens which will benefit our whole society.

I ask the Council to  please consider my recommendation within their budget.

What do you think of my idea?

I hope to hear from you soon.

Yours Sincerely,

Jacob Cotton

Year 6 leader

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