Term 3 English

Cooperative Reading

Our novels for Cooperative Reading have been chosen and distributed, with students hopefully now beginning to read their required chapters at home now. This term, students are working in groups and rely on each group member to complete their assigned tasks on time.

Each session requires a completed reading goal reflection as well as the delegated reading role reflection. We have spoken about this extensively in class and are studying the roles with other texts to clarify any misunderstandings. The students have nominated the ‘Investigator’ role as the one they find most difficult.

In reading, we have been studying short texts to identify the theme (a requirement of Investigator). We have also learned how to find clues which guide the reader to find the theme/message in the text.

Session 1 work is due next Thursday. From here on, every Thursday a new session will be due. This is written clearly in the homework grid which will come home on Monday.

If a student is absent, they must still complete their required reading and be up to date with their sessions. Please let me know if your child is unwell and unable to complete their work. Each session, students have a week to complete their required work. The learning intention and success criteria has gone home with students and must be referred to.


Our writing genre this term is Narratives. This requires creative thinking and effective idea generation. As a class, we have identified that ‘coming up with ideas’ is a weakness. To rectify this, every day this week, we have looked at various ways to ‘attack’ a narrative.

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