The end of Term 1 – Term 2 notices

Following our productive beginning term, we have an equally jam-packed term ahead of us!

  • A reminder that students begin Term 2 on Wednesday 26 April.
  • Students will come home with a letter on Wednesday, Week 1 explaining an excursion on Friday, Week 1 as a part of the Cockburn Schools ANZAC Ceremony.
  • Please bring in any collected plastic bottles between 300 – 600ml as these are required for a science investigation as early as possible. No amount is too many!!
  • Please also bring in a glass jar of any size for a maths investigation.
  • Don’t forget to pay for your Leaders shirts when possible as they should be arriving early Term 2. When they do arrive, I will hand out to students straight away but will be unable to hand out shirts to students who have not yet paid.
  • Cross Country is in Week 4 – that means training can definitely begin for those who are keen runners.
  • Please check with your child that they have all the required materials for the term ahead – some scissors, rulers and glue sticks are missing or are broken.
  • Please also ensure any holiday desktop backgrounds or game downloads on laptops are cleared or filed in a ‘home’ folder so they are not distracting on our return to school.

Looking forward to a great term ahead – see you on Wednesday!

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