Assembly Preparation

On Tuesday the 12th of September Room 14 will be hosting our assembly! Please try your best to make it, I’m sure your child will really appreciate your support. If you are unable to attend we will make sure that we film the performance – it should be a great show!

Throughout the week we will be practicing our assembly item so please support your child practicing their role/lines to ensure they are confident in their performance.

To help our assembly item be a success we are seeking a few items – please let Miss Gifford know if you could bring any of these items in this week!

  • A long blue tarp (~3-4m long and at least 1m high)
  • Swimming caps
  • Nose pegs (not essential but if anyone has any that would be great!)

If you do have any of these items (particularly the tarp!) please drop by class before or after school, or send Miss Gifford an email at

This week students will be advised on what their costume will involve. Costumes should be quite simple and easily put together from what students already have but if there are any issues please let Miss Gifford know and she’ll be happy to discuss it with you and put something together.

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