Class Party

Today your child should have come home with a note about our class party next week, Wednesday the 13th of December. Please make sure that you return the permission slip and $5 for lunch (if your child wishes to participate) by this Friday, the 8th of December. Please send an email if you have any questions!

Hannah Gifford

Graduation Morning Tea this week

Dear Year 5 families,

The Year 6 Graduation Ceremony is nearly upon us.  This is a very special time for our Year Six students and their families, as it will be for your child next year.

As indicated in the letter sent to all Year 5 families a few weeks ago, we are asking for all families to contribute to the Year 6 Graduation Morning Tea that is taking place next Friday 8th December at school in the undercover area at approximately 10.30am, after the formal ceremony.

We would appreciate your help by providing home baked food (sweet or savoury) and for assistance on the day to help serve and run the morning tea.

Tamara Salamone is coordinating the Morning Tea, but she would appreciate help with setting up prior to school starting on the day at around 8am (setting up shades, trestles etc) and then immediately after the ceremony.  If you can assist, please contact your classroom teacher so she can let Michelle know how many people she will have helping on the day.

Important information:

  1. A list of requested food has been put on the window of each Year 5 class and we would appreciate if you could get your child to write in what your family will provide under the Sweet or Savoury heading by Monday 4th December.   This way we will have an idea of how much heating up is needed and how much refrigeration space is required.
  2. We’d appreciate if families could label their food with the ingredients used and for those who are making nut free/ gluten free food, clearly label this as Gluten free/ Nut Free so that we can keep this food together for the children who require it.
  3. Food can be dropped off to Learning Block 4 (Year 6 & Art Room wet area) in the morning.  Plates need to clearly labelled so your Year 5 child can identify it and pick it up from Learning Block 4 before the end of the day.  Savoury food needs to be cooked so that it just needs to be reheated during the ceremony.

If you have any questions about the Morning Tea, please ring either Tamara on 0404809202 or myself and we will be happy to answer your queries.

Many thanks, in anticipation, for your assistance with helping to make our Year Sixes’ graduation a very special, memorable occasion.

Kind regards

Nola Smith

End of Year Concert

Dear Parents/Caregivers,

The End of Year Concert is fast approaching and students have been singing and dancing up a storm so that they can put on a fantastic show. This year the concert will be held on 12th December and is themed I Feel Good. The concert will commence at 5.30pm and students should be in their classrooms by 5 pm. All Year 5 students will be performing “Never Give Up” by Sia.

To make the performance extra special we would like the students to dress in black, white and red clothing (and accessories if desired). They should wear appropriate footwear for dancing – no slip on shoes or sandals.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me or your child’s teacher.

Thank you

Tarah Souter-Robertson

Morning Tea and Volunteers

Graduation Morning Tea Food List

If you are unable to make it up to the school, your child can write the name of the food item they will be supplying on the list outside the classroom.

Food options to be provided for the Morning Tea per classroom;

Hot Savoury –                       x5
Cold Savoury –                      x11
Sweet –                                  x12
Allergy free option –           x2

  • Please provide a plate of home-cooked finger food which includes a label on the plate with the ingredients used.
  • Delivery before school on the 8th December to the Learning Centre 4 (near the Art room).
  • Collection of your plates after school from Learning Centre 4.
  • Kindly label all plates provided with a surname and room number underneath.

Tamara still requires some volunteers on the morning. If you are available and could help out, please let me or Tamara know.

 Any queries, please contact Tamara 0404 809 202

Leaver Shirts

Dear parents,

The Year 5 students, as a group, have decided on the concept and design of their Leaver shirts for 2018. They have done a fabulous job with a very creative design.

Over the next two weeks, you will have an opportunity to come into the school to assist your child with selecting the correct shirt size and to place an order with the company who are making the shirts.  By sizing and ordering now, the shirts will be available to be purchased and worn by the students from the very start of 2018.

Please note that there will be fittings and a chance to place an order in Week 7 & 8 and then again at the beginning of the 2018.  The fitting session will start in the indicated classroom at 2.50 on the scheduled day until 3.30pm.  If you can’t attend the fitting session for your child’s class, please attend one of the other days with another Year 5 class.  Just let the person know what Room Number your child is in.

The shirts will cost $34 but NO payment is necessary until the commencement of the 2018 school year. The shirt/s will need to be paid for before they can be picked up. More information will be provided closer to the time regarding the arrangements for the start of the year.

Fitting and Ordering Times


Monday 20th November     2.50pm          Room 14 students

Wednesday 22nd November  2.50pm    Room 15 students

Thursday 23rd November    2.50pm      Room 16 students


Monday 27th November     2.50pm          Room 35 students

Wednesday 29nd November  2.50pm    Room 42 students

Please contact me if you have any questions regarding the fitting and ordering of Leaver shirts.

Kind regards

Nola Smith

Progress Folders and Absences

Good morning Room 14 Families,

If you still have your child’s progress folder, could you please have them bring it back to class by this Wednesday (15/11)?

Additionally, a number of children in our class have unexplained absences throughout the year. If you would like to find out which dates your child has unexplained absences to provide reasons for these absences, please email me at

Kind Regards,

Hannah Gifford

Message from Mr Pansini

Dear Year 5 families

Next year is a very special year for you, your child and for us with them.

Your child is part of a very special group of students in our school’s short history. They are our Foundation Kindy group, the very first group of students who began in our first year as kindergarten students and who have come though eight years to be graduating at the end of 2018.  Like us, I am sure you are looking forward to making their graduation memorable for all the right reasons!

They are also special in that they are the largest group of Year 6s to ever graduate from Aubin Grove with an estimated number of 145, compared to this year’s group of 99. With such a large cohort of students heading into their final year of school, we believe it is vital that we start the planning now and so we would like to commence their transition to Year 6 this term.

The size of the cohort will significantly impact on many areas of the Year 6’s final year including the choice of venue for their Graduation Dinner Dance and the choice of their Big Week Out activities.  It will require being proactive in securing venues very early on.

As you may know, parents of the Year 6s undertake the organizing of the graduation Dinner Dance while the school takes responsibility for the graduation ceremony and the Big Week Out.

In conjunction with the P & C, the parents group organizes the Dinner Dance and any fundraising activities they decide upon to reduce costs to parents for the Dinner Dance and the Big Week Out.

In order to get this going, we would like to call a meeting for Year 5 parents next Tuesday night, 14th November, at 7pm in the library to identify who will be involved and commence the committee work that is required.

On another note, our current Year 6’s Graduation Ceremony will be held on Friday 8th December at 9.00am in the undercover area.  The Graduation Ceremony at Aubin Grove Primary is a very special occasion for the Year Six students at our school.

One aspect of the ceremony is having a celebration morning tea for the graduating students and their families after the graduation formalities.  A lovely tradition, we commenced in our first year, was to have the Year 5 families organise and provide the morning tea for the graduating students and families. This gesture will be reciprocated, the following year, to your Year Six child by next year’s Year 5 families.  This tradition encompasses everything we love about the Aubin Grove community spirit.

Usually one of our Year 5 parents, or a small group of parents, volunteer to coordinate the organisation of the morning tea for the Year 6 students and their families.  All Year 5 families then assist with the food and help to serve the morning tea on the day. If you are willing to be the main coordinator or to be a part of the small organising group, can you please let your child’s teacher or myself know as soon as possible?  Michelle O’Sullivan was the coordinator last year and she will be more than happy to meet to pass on any advice to the coordinator/s for this year.  More information will be made available within the next few weeks regarding the provision of home cooked food and assisting on the day.

We look forward to seeing many of you next Tuesday night to commence the committee work that will enable your child to have a very memorable final year at Aubin Grove Primary as a student leader.

Kind regards

Frank Pansini


Important dates in Term 4

Please note the following dates in your calendars. The following dates have also been added to our blog homepage. Good luck to our interschool sports competitors this week!

Week 3 (this week!):
Tuesday 24/10: Interschool Jumps and Throws
Thursday 26/10: Interschool Athletics Carnival
Friday 27/10: School Development Day (no students attend)

Week 4:
Thursday 2/11: Cockburn Choral Festival

Week 1o:
Tuesday 12/12: End of Year Concert 5.30pm
Wednesday 13/12: Reports home
Thursday 14/12: Last day of 2017
Friday 15/12: Staff Development Day (no students attend)

Gifted & Talented High School Entrance

Gifted & Talented Secondary Selective Entrance Programs: Applications are now open for entry into Year 7 in 2019

Dear Year 5 parents,

Students with exceptional academic ability and creative talent can now apply for a position at one of the 18 select department secondary schools who provide either an academic, arts or language Gifted and Talented Program.

You can apply for these programs no matter where you live and, once selected, your children are guaranteed places at these schools.

Applications are submitted online at  from 9th October 2017.

You can visit the website for more information, including the dates of up-coming parent information sessions, or contact the Gifted and Talented Selection Unit on 9264 4307 or by email at

Additional information informing you of the application process, including key dates is available on the website.

Applications close Sunday, 11th February 2018.  Late applications are not accepted.

End of Term 3

Term 3 was very busy with a lot of exciting events! Here is a quick recap of our last week of Term 3.

Book Week

For the last week of term we celebrated book week. We started the week with a visit from the author Meg McKinlay who told us all about how she comes up with her awesome ideas for writing stories! She also talked a lot about perseverance and how important it is to believe in yourself and use positive thinking to turn your perspective on situations around.

On Thursday all of the Year 5 classes hosted a book cafe. We mixed up all the students and shared our books with our friends. After our book “taste testing” we chose the books we were most interested in and wrote a short reflection.

On Friday we dressed up as our favourite book characters. Unfortunately, the weather was very rainy but we were still able to show off all our hard work and effort with the other Year 5s and Year 6s, parading around the undercover area.

Take a look at the photos below to see what we got up to!

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Open Night

On Wednesday we celebrated Open Night. Thank you to all of the students and families who were able to make it and view all of Room 14’s hard work. The next morning we toured the whole school to see learning across all year groups! Take a look at the photos below to see our classroom and some of the fun we had around the school.

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Finally, on our last day we had a bit of fun working in teams! Miss Gifford created a challenge based on the game “hot lava” where groups had to travel across the length of the undercover area using gym mats, not touching the ground. Additionally, we wished Atiqah and Tomi a happy birthday for the holidays.

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