Athletics Carnival

Congratulations to all Room 14 students who participated in last week’s Athletics Carnival. You all demonstrated the qualities of good sportsmanship, perseverance and teamwork that you taught the rest of the school about in your assembly! Thank you also to the families who were able to come down on the day and show your support.

A special congratulations goes to Brady who was this year’s Year 5 Champion Boy! What an amazing achievement with so much tough competition!

Room 14 is filled with talented athletes and you should all be very proud of your participation on the day.

Athletics Carnival

Next week on Wednesday (13/09) and Friday (15/09) students will be participating in a number of individual and team sport events. For information on when your child will be competing please check the lists and times on our classroom window.

Book Week

Aubin Grove celebrates Book Week on the last day of Term 3, Friday the 22nd of September. This year the theme is ‘Escape to Everywhere.’ The Year 5 cohort has decided to run a ‘book cafe’ where students will be asked to bring to school a copy of their book and a book review. This review will be part of the homework grid leading up to week 10 where students will be given the template with all the information they are required to include about their chosen book.

Our book cafe will be on Thursday the 21st of September, between recess and lunch, with the book week dress up on Friday. The book that students are reviewing as part of their review, will be their dress up for the parade.

Atwell College Zone Extension

Next term Atwell College will be running a number of programs. Please see the attached leaflet for information on the range of courses available. If you would like a student expression of interest form please email Miss Gifford ( and she will forward the form to you.

ACZE Term 4 2017 Leaflet

Assembly Preparation

On Tuesday the 12th of September Room 14 will be hosting our assembly! Please try your best to make it, I’m sure your child will really appreciate your support. If you are unable to attend we will make sure that we film the performance – it should be a great show!

Throughout the week we will be practicing our assembly item so please support your child practicing their role/lines to ensure they are confident in their performance.

To help our assembly item be a success we are seeking a few items – please let Miss Gifford know if you could bring any of these items in this week!

  • A long blue tarp (~3-4m long and at least 1m high)
  • Swimming caps
  • Nose pegs (not essential but if anyone has any that would be great!)

If you do have any of these items (particularly the tarp!) please drop by class before or after school, or send Miss Gifford an email at

This week students will be advised on what their costume will involve. Costumes should be quite simple and easily put together from what students already have but if there are any issues please let Miss Gifford know and she’ll be happy to discuss it with you and put something together.

Scitech excursion this week!

This Wednesday (23rd of August) all of the Year 5 classes will be going to Scitech on an excursion. Students must be in class at 8:30am. It is very important that everyone is at school on time as we will need to check for attendance and leave for the bus before 8:45am.

Each child must bring:

  • Lunch in a labelled plastic bag
  • Drink bottle
  • Snack

Please also note that all students are required to wear school uniform.

– Miss Gifford

Team Dress Up Day

This week, on Friday the 25th of August, Aubin Grove will be fundraising for the P&C and Big Week Out. Students are encouraged to come to school in their favourite team’s jersey. The jersey can be from any sport.

Please bring a gold coin donation to school if you are participating.

Wally our Waste Wise Trophy

Room 14 has now won the Waste Wise trophy so many times (4 or 5 times?) that we have named the trophy! After a class vote, the winning name was Wally. Thank you to everyone who participates in waste free Mondays, please keep it up so Wally can continue to make himself at home in our classroom!

Scitech Excursion

Next Wednesday (23rd of August) the Year 5 classes will be attending an excursion to Scitech as part of our science program.

Please remember to return permission forms and payment to the office by tomorrow (15th of August).

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the excursion.

Kind Regards,

Miss Gifford

Waste Wise Winners!

For the third time (or fourth? We’ve lost count!) Room 14 has won the Waste Wise trophy. This is awarded to the class with the highest percentage of waste free lunches. Thank you for your efforts and encouraging sustainable choices with your children.

Check out our trophy below making itself at home in our classroom… Hopefully it will join us again soon!