Super Student Scientists!

In Room 14 we love science and have been investigating a number of interesting biological, physical and chemical sciences in class. Just last week Aubin Grove Primary School celebrate science week where the theme was “Future Earth”. Of the seven Year 5 students participating in the science fair, five of these were from Room 14! Congratulations to all of our participants, you should be very proud of your hard work and innovative ideas designed to save our planet.

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Term 1 – Animal and Plant Adaptations

Over many years living things have adapted to their environments in order to survive. Over Term 1 we investigated plants and animals who live underwater and how they survive in their unique environment. Our investigation included creating annotated images of different underwater animals, going underwater using virtual reality goggles, investigating different types of marine habitats and conducting an investigation into blubber and how it protects animals from extreme cold conditions.

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Term 2 – Light Rays

In Term 2 we investigated light and shadows. We learned about how light travels, created ray diagrams, investigated the reflection of light with mirrors, created light boxes and investigated how the distance from a light source to an object impacts the height of its shadow.

The pictured light boxes to the left were created using tissue boxes. In each box was a hidden small object. In small groups students had to figure out where would be the best position (along the side or back of the box) to cut a hole and provide a light source to uncover the hidden object.

Below you can view the set up for our investigation into how light travels and is reflected. For this investigation, Miss Gifford turned her desk into a dark room! In pairs, one student would reflect the torch’s light to direct the ray of light onto a hidden small object on the other side of the desk. The other partner would then be able to discover the tiny hidden object. You can view a short clip of our dark room by clicking here to see how we reflected light rays.

Term 3 – Solids, Liquids and Gases

This term we are investigating solids, liquids and gases. So far we have been exploring different types of solid, liquids and gases. We have been identifying examples of each and investigating the properties of each state of matter. In a few weeks time, we will be conducting an investigation. These results will be included in our progress folders for families to see!

Recently we investigated a number of different types of liquids. Some of the properties of liquids that we identified include:

  • They level out in a container;
  • you can pour them (some taking a longer time to pour than others);
  • most can splash;
  • they’re wet and some can be sticky;
  • they’re easy to break;
  • they can be thick or thin; and
  • they can be transparent, translucent or opaque.

Some photos of us identifying different types of liquids are featured below.

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