Winter Solstice

Yesterday to celebrate Winter Solstice we came to school dressed in our pyjamas. We had a very comfy day at school, particularly when we were able to lie down on the floor and watch the movie “Inside Out” together.

In health this term we have learned about building resilience by discussing the difference between helpful and unhelpful thinking. We have also discussed how important it is to bounce back and embrace challenges.

As critical viewers, we took notes while we watched the movie. We are now in the process of writing a movie review based on all of our notes on the characters (the main character and all of the emotions), theme, music and setting. We first wrote a draft of our review and now we are creating our final digital copies. This week we have focused on editing our work and implementing peer and teacher feedback. It is important that we use feedback as a tool to improve and reach our learning goals.

Next week in health we will be looking at our emotions in more depth and creating our own “emotions thermometer” based on what we have seen and reviewed in the Inside Out movie! We will also be discussing how we can recognise these emotions and the different kinds of coping strategies we can use.

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  1. Riley
    Riley says:

    Inside Out teaches us about resilience and how to deal with our emotions. I really enjoyed PJ day even though I didn’t wear my Pyjamas.

  2. Holly
    Holly says:

    I really enjoyed learning about resilience in a way which lots of fun, but at the same time I still learnt lots!


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