Critical Friends

This week, we have been learning how to give, receive and act upon feedback.


On Monday, we teamed up with Room 16 in the library to watch a video called, ‘Austin’s Butterfly’ about a young boy who used feedback from his peers to improve his drawing of a butterfly. We then attempted the same task with a ‘critical friend’ who provided us with specific, honest feedback about our drawing and how we could improve it. Using that feedback, we were able to make progress with our drawing skills.

Today, we teamed up with a critical friend in class who provided us with specific feedback on how we could improve our paragraphs before publishing them. By using the success criteria that we constructed as a class, the critical friends were able to give us very specific advice about how we could improve our paragraph structure, sentences, punctuation and vocabulary.

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  1. laicey
    laicey says:

    I love learning about Austin’s Butterfly it was a really fun task to learn about, and my partner’s feedback through this activity.

  2. Joshua G
    Joshua G says:

    It was really fun that I got to sit with a friend from another class and got feedback and improved my picture every time 🙂

  3. Flyn
    Flyn says:

    This was a really fun task that I enjoyed a lot! It was great to get feedback from a critical friend and improve my work each time!


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