National eSmart Week

Last week was National eSmart Week. All the Year 4 to 6 classes participated in one activity to reinforce their Cyber Safety messages from Term 1. The Year Fives watched a Behind the News episode about Digital Footprints and were quite shocked about how much information is stored online about each of us without us knowing. With this understanding in mind, students were asked to think carefully about what information they should share online and with who. The completed an activity where they used a traffic light system to identify safe and unsafe online behaviours . They were then asked to explain their choices. Here are some of the samples of definitions and work from Room 16:

“A digital footprint is a trace of evidence of where you have been throughout the day e.g. When you call someone on your phone your digital footprint can record it.” – Izzy 

“A digital footprint is a trace of evidence left behind every time you use internet or a digital device. E.g: When I log on to Friv to play a game.” – Ayaan

Here is also a handy reminder about balancing time online as we approach the spring school holidays.


Atwell Extension Program

Please see the attached PDF regarding the Atwell College Zone Extention programs that are running in Term 4.

*Please note that Woodwork has been added as of 5/9/17.


Student Expression of interest Term 4 2017 UPDATED

Scitech Excursion Recap

Last Wednesday the Year 5’s headed off to Scitech for the day. We all enjoyed the time we had and the different activities we experienced. We started our day in the Planetarium and learnt about the Solar System and the universe we are a part of. This links to our science for next term where we will be exploring this topic in further detail.

We then moved straight to an exciting show called ‘Things that Glow.’ It was very interesting to discuss the huge assortment of things we can access that gives us light. The students were extra impressed at Ultra Violet (UV) light and the effect it has (ask them about it!).

After the very informative presentation, we had free time, exploring the range of exciting things Scitech has on offer.

Thinking it was all over, we headed to the feature exhibition – ‘Who Dun It?’ The students were faced with a crime scene, set in a zoo, a security guard had been shot and a prized white rhino had been stolen. They are asked for their help to solve the crime. Armed with a crime file, students had to use forensic science such as finger-printing, chromatography, autopsies, footprints and DNA samples to gather evidence and solve this murder mystery.

Check out the photos below to see how the day went!

Book Week

Aubin Grove celebrates Book Week on the last day of Term 3, Friday 22nd September. This year the theme is ‘Escape to Everywhere.’ The year 5 cohort has decided to run a ‘book cafe’ where students will be asked to bring to school a book review of their favourite book. This will be part of the homework grid leading up to week 10 where they will be given the template and information to include about their chosen book.

Our book cafe will be on Thursday 21st September, between recess and lunch, with the book week dress up on Friday. The book that the students are reviewing as part of their review, will be their dress up for the parade.

More information will be given closer to the date.


Scitech Excursion Information

Our highly anticipated excursion to Scitech is this Wednesday. Could students please arrive at school at 8.30 for an 8.45am departure from school. Students will only need to bring their lunch in a plastic bag that is clearly marked with their name.



Team Dress Up

On Friday of week 6, 25th August, Aubin Grove will be fundraising for the P&C and Big Week Out. Students are encouraged to come to school in their favourite team’s jersey. The jersey can be from any sport.

Please bring a gold coin donation to class.

Scitech Excursion

As part of our Science program in Year 5, an excursion to Scitech has been organised. Students will experience Horizon the Planetarium Live, view the Science – Things that Glow Show and spend time in the interactive general exhibit area. The excursion will take place on Wednesday 23rd August, week 6. 

Please return forms and payment to the office by 15th August 2017

Swimming Arrangements

Hi Families,

Swimming commences tomorrow for two weeks at the ARC.

We will be leaving school at 10:55am each day – for our lesson to begin at 11:20am. Our lesson will stop at 12:00 and our expected arrival back at school is 12:20pm.

Students will wear their bathers under their uniform to school. We will change back into our uniform back at school so students will need to bring thongs and something warm to wear on the bus. Obviously, underwear, towel, goggles and anything else will also need to brought in a labelled bag (not a plastic bag) each day.

Class Photo

Hi Families,

Please note that our classroom photo is this Friday at 12.25. Can you please ensure students come to school in their purple shirts, not their faction shirts.

Also, if you still have your progress file at home, please return it back to school as soon as possible, ready for progress files later this term.

Thank you,


End of Term 2!

On Wednesday 21st June, we celebrated the Winter Solstice in our pyjamas. We joined with Room 15 to complete a Viewing task, watching Inside Out. We got comfy, enjoyed some popcorn and recorded notes about the storyline, themes and character representation in the film. Stay tuned for our completed movie reviews and character analysis!


To celebrate NAIDOC Week, the students of Aubin Grove were asked to decorate a pair of hands with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island flags. Room 16 got a little creative and after learning about NAIDOC and what it means, we water colour painted our hand flags. It was something a little different! On Thursday of the last week of school, we had an incursion of an Aboriginal dance. The performance was by students from PLC College. 


In the last week of school, students were sent home with photo forms and also swimming notes. These come up very quickly in Term 3 so please get your money into the office! Photos are on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of Week 1, our time and day has not been confirmed as of yet, I will keep you updated once I know.

Enjoy your holidays families and students of Room 16! See you back at school on Monday 17th July!