National eSmart Week

Last week was National eSmart Week. All the Year 4 to 6 classes participated in one activity to reinforce their Cyber Safety messages from Term 1. The Year Fives watched a Behind the News episode about Digital Footprints and were quite shocked about how much information is stored online about each of us without us knowing. With this understanding in mind, students were asked to think carefully about what information they should share online and with who. The completed an activity where they used a traffic light system to identify safe and unsafe online behaviours . They were then asked to explain their choices. Here are some of the samples of definitions and work from Room 16:

“A digital footprint is a trace of evidence of where you have been throughout the day e.g. When you call someone on your phone your digital footprint can record it.” – Izzy 

“A digital footprint is a trace of evidence left behind every time you use internet or a digital device. E.g: When I log on to Friv to play a game.” – Ayaan

Here is also a handy reminder about balancing time online as we approach the spring school holidays.


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