Outdoor Classroom Day

Thursday, September 7th was Outdoor Classroom Day. It is an initiative set up to encourage young children to get outside and explore. We have been focusing on adding and subtracting fractions with the same and related denominators in maths and so we headed outside for a Mystery Word Challenge. The students were required to solve the problem to get a letter, after six letters, it will make a word. We had two sets of questions, students decided which they wanted to work on. It was an exciting way to take our learning outdoors!


We also headed outdoors with Room 15 to revise the Growth Mindset. We paired up with a member of the other class and were given role plays. After 30 minutes of rehearsing, the students were put into groups where they would perform their play to the other groups. Each play focused on a different aspect of a Growth Mindset, these being: Joining the Team, Mistakes, A Change in Attitude and Criticism vs Feedback.

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