Scitech Excursion Recap

Last Wednesday the Year 5’s headed off to Scitech for the day. We all enjoyed the time we had and the different activities we experienced. We started our day in the Planetarium and learnt about the Solar System and the universe we are a part of. This links to our science for next term where we will be exploring this topic in further detail.

We then moved straight to an exciting show called ‘Things that Glow.’ It was very interesting to discuss the huge assortment of things we can access that gives us light. The students were extra impressed at Ultra Violet (UV) light and the effect it has (ask them about it!).

After the very informative presentation, we had free time, exploring the range of exciting things Scitech has on offer.

Thinking it was all over, we headed to the feature exhibition – ‘Who Dun It?’ The students were faced with a crime scene, set in a zoo, a security guard had been shot and a prized white rhino had been stolen. They are asked for their help to solve the crime. Armed with a crime file, students had to use forensic science such as finger-printing, chromatography, autopsies, footprints and DNA samples to gather evidence and solve this murder mystery.

Check out the photos below to see how the day went!

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  1. Tiara
    Tiara says:

    Scitech was so fun because you get to see lots of cool and different thing there. The fun part in Scitech was the planetarium because you get to see the awesome things around the world like the Milky Way. I really want to go again because it was so much fun to see lots of awesome objects to play with. I enjoyed going to Scitech because you can do lots of new stuff there and learn different things. You can do free-time there to, play with weird and fun things too. It is the most fun thing to go ever in my life because I l love it so much. I recommend you to go there because it is so epic, fun and awesome.

    • Ashlyn
      Ashlyn says:

      Scitech was so fun and I learnt a heap of new things. My favourite parts were free-time and the planetarium. I want to know if there is going to be life somewhere else in this universe. If there was we would get a lot more stuff to work on about the universe at school. In free-time I did a lot of cool things that I really enjoyed. Scitech is the best and most epic place ever!


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