50 Days of Kindy !

First Day Term 3

Hi all,

Wow it sounded like you all had a great holiday. It was lovely to see everyone back safe and ready for another really busy term

We are learning about our Community and have lots of visitors planned for the next few weeks.

We were straight back into the hard work today and just wanted to share some pictures of the day.

Nursery Rhyme Dress Up Day

Wow what a wonderful site it was today with our amazing costumes.

I was so humbled by the hard work that went in to make each and everyone look soooo cute.

I have attached the photos and want to thank you again for all the support you give our class.

Have a wonderful holiday see you on Monday the 17th of July!

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Mother’s Day Afternoon!

What a wonderful afternoon we all had.

Thank you to Mrs Templeman for all her hard work in setting up and her wonderful cooking skills, helping the children to make our yummy scones.

I hope you all enjoyed yourself and have a lovely day on Sunday.

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Happy Easter !

Week 8 Fun

Harmony Day

On Harmony day this week we celebrated all the cultures in our class by playing name games and made a puzzle piece to show that we all fit in our classroom.

We also ate far too much yummy food from our families.

Thank you all so much for bringing in something to share.

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

Wow what a wonder adventure we went on this week.

We went hunting for Bears!

Through the long wavy grass, through the deep cold river, through the oosey mud, through the dark forest, through the whirly snowstorm and into the dark gloomy cave.

But do you know what were not scared at all!

It was the best time EVER!

Writing in the Sand

The writing in the sand program is designed based on “Peggy Leggo” An Occupational Therapist created this program to help assist students in pre writing movements. Each week will be learning a new movement. This week we have been looking at reading and writing direction and sweep to follow the word down the page. We have been going sideways sideways. to do this movement as we work we say “Sideways, Sideways through the red sand’. 

Tall man-  Start at the top pull down and stop. Small man- start in the middle pull down and stop.

Broken Windmill – Around down tick, tick, tick, clunk. 

As the che children  go looking for the Tall man and Small mans dinner they have to go Up the hill and down the hill. Up the hill down the hill. 

Teddies go to school

In the first two weeks of kindy we all made a book based on the story of Possum Goes to School.

Our class book became Teddies Go to Aubin Grove Primary School.

The following photos were used in our book and can be found in our class book shelf.

To see the enlarged photo please click on it.