Measure and fine motor fun

In Kindy recently we have been learning to measure. We have measure or height and ordered ourselves from tallest to largest, we have measured how many cubes long our foot is as well as drawing trees and ordering them from largest to smallest. We are all becoming so good at holding our pencil and scissors correctly and have also been working hard to develop our fine motor skills with lots of fun activities.


As of week 8, we will be moving away from our Under the Sea theme and be looking at Christmas and celebrations. If you have any questions or concerns about this topic please feel free to chat with me. 

Kind regards 

The Kindy Team 

Boat Making Equipment Needed!

Hi Parents,
In week 5 and 6 as part of our Science program the children will be making their own boat. If you have any plastic bottles, milk lids, butter containers that you could bring in it would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks, Lisa Johnson.

Cubby Building Incursion

We had such fun today using so many different materials to make our own cubbies. I loved how much effort everyone put in and how much care and attention they put into decorating them to making the cubbies more homely.

First week back

I am so proud of how the children settled straight back into school after the holidays! We have written some amazing sentences about the lovely things we did on the holidays and have started reading and singing lots of songs about our new theme ‘Under the Sea’. We have also been learning how to add 2 numbers together and have been learning from each other using some Kagan techniques. We are so lucky as have had lots of new additions to the Nature Playground and have loved spending time outside learning and exploring.


Literacy Learning Fun

In Literacy each week we learn a new letter sound and practise the letter sounds we have previously learnt. The children are loving being able to put sounds together to make a word like c a t for cat and are so good at beginning to have a go at writing the letters too! We have recently used the bee bot to help us find letter sounds, which the children loved! 

Princess Margret Hospital Incursion

We had so much fun with Nurse Sherie from PMH learning all about what it would be like if we had to go to the hospital.  She told us that it is nothing to be scared of and showed us the things that would happen, like taking our blood pressure, listening to our heartbeat with a stethoscope, and check the temperature in our ear. We loved bandaging people up, using the crutches and wheelchair and giving injections and medicine to the sick patients!



Police Officers Visit

Today we were lucky enough to have 2 police officers visit the school. They showed us their uniform and brought along a car an police van and we even got to have a look inside! We learned so many important things like the fact that we need to know our full name, our parents name and the suburb we live in. They also showed us their police badge that helps us to know they are real police officers.

Kindy Learning

I am so proud of how much the Red Rabbits are growing, they are always so enthusiastic when taking part in all of the activities in Kindy. Over the past 3 weeks we have enjoyed 50 days of school, played in our new learning areas, measured who is the smallest or biggest, had a go at reading and puddle jumped!

Number Biscuits

As part of learning about numbers we made some delicious number shaped biscuits. We read the recipe together, mixed the ingredients then rolled out and shaped the number of our choice. Once the biscuits were cooked we decorated them with the same number of chocolate chips.