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Hi Parents,

I will be posting a ‘Parent Help Roster’ on our communication board this week, which will begin next term. We wanted to give children a chance to settle in and get used to Kindy routines, as well as separating from you all with limited tears in the mornings, before having parents helping in the classroom. Our parent help roster will begin in week 3 next term, however, I have crossed out the days our Mother’s day events will be happening, so we can do some secret squirrel business and get ready for the afternoon.

Being a parent helper involves cutting the fruit in the morning, playing games with small groups of children and being on a small group activity. You also get to come outside and play with your child at morning play time. Generally being a parent helper is from 8.45-12.00, however if you have to leave before then just let us know beforehand so we can organise our activities accordingly.

We love having helpers in the classroom, Dads included and the children love having you there too. Please write your name down on a day if you are available and willing to come in. If you don’t do pick ups and drop offs and you would like me to write your name down for a day, please send me an email.


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