Bear Hunt

What a busy and exciting two days we have had at Kindy this week! This week we continued reading the story ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’. We danced to the song and went on a ‘bear hunt’ through the Nature Playground. We walked through the long wavy grass (green crepe streamers hanging on the stage), splashed through the river (water in clam shells), stomped through the mud (wet sand in big containers), climbed through the forest (stepping logs), went through a snow storm (bubbles on top of the fort) and finally tip-toed through the cave (tunnel) where we saw a bear (a giant teddy)! The children all had so much fun! We sequenced the events of the story in the correct order by making a map. Have a look at these next time you are in Kindy and you can see photos of your child going on our bear hunt. We also made pop stick bears to reenact the story with and scrunched bear ears. The children were very excited to wear their bear ear home and try to frighten all their parents.

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