Easter Fun

We have had so much fun at Kindy this week doing lots of Easter activities. We sized Easter eggs from biggest to smallest, made Easter egg biscuits with patterns, threaded Easter eggs, made bunny baskets, painted Easter bunnies, made Easter headbands and we even had a visit from the Easter Bunny himself! The children were all so excited to see the Easter Bunny!

He brought us a special clue for us to go on an Easter egg hunt, which lead us through the Nature Playground and back to our classroom, where we found lots of Easter eggs. The children had a great time finding the eggs and putting them inside a hoop for us all to share. Once we had found them all we talked about how we could share them evenly and practised counting as we went to ensure we all had the same amount. At the end of the day we gave the children a little Easter present too (some ‘Bunny Tails’ and a pencil) to wish them all a Happy Easter! Have a look at some photos below.


This week at Kindy we started learning all about patterns. We talked about how patterns can appear in a variety of ways. Mrs Dempster tried to trick us by making patterns with our Kindy friends and we had to guess what they were. There were boy/ girl patterns, t-shirt/ dress patterns and sitting/ standing patterns. We also had to continue lots of patterns with colours, shapes and pictures on the Smartboard. We made patterns with beads, patterns on Easter eggs, patterns with blocks, patterns on our Easter cards and painted stripey patterns. Have a look at some pictures below.


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Bear Hunt

What a busy and exciting two days we have had at Kindy this week! This week we continued reading the story ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’. We danced to the song and went on a ‘bear hunt’ through the Nature Playground. We walked through the long wavy grass (green crepe streamers hanging on the stage), splashed through the river (water in clam shells), stomped through the mud (wet sand in big containers), climbed through the forest (stepping logs), went through a snow storm (bubbles on top of the fort) and finally tip-toed through the cave (tunnel) where we saw a bear (a giant teddy)! The children all had so much fun! We sequenced the events of the story in the correct order by making a map. Have a look at these next time you are in Kindy and you can see photos of your child going on our bear hunt. We also made pop stick bears to reenact the story with and scrunched bear ears. The children were very excited to wear their bear ear home and try to frighten all their parents.

Writing in the Sand

At Kindy we are using a program called ‘Writing in the Sand’, it is designed based on “Peggy Leggo”. An Occupational Therapist created this program to help assist students in pre-writing movements. There is a little story that goes with each movement that has a little rhyme to help children remember it in a fun way. Each week will be learning a new movement. The two movements we have done so far are:

  • ‘Sideways, sideways:’ This helps with reading and writing direction and sweep to follow the word down the page.
  • ‘Tall man and small man:’ This helps when introducing tall letters and small letters.

Week Four

We have had so much fun at Kindy this week. We have been busy practising clapping the syllables in words, writing our names and doing lots of fine motor activities to strengthen our hands. We read a special story with a rhyme to help us learn all about text direction. The rhyme goes like this ‘Sideways, sideways through the red sand’.  We have also been doing so many different activities all about shapes. We played a game where we had to keep swapping shape cards and dancing to music. When the music stopped we had to find a partner and quiz each other to find out what the shape names were. We have been learning to identify, locate and sort 2D shapes in a variety of ways.

Some of the activities we have been doing have included:

  • Painting red lines from left to right, drawing lines from left to right and also walking and jumping sideways.
  • Filling little bottles with coloured rice by using our pinching fingers.
  • Having a go at cutting simple shapes to make a sun.
  • Painting with shapes and stating the shape names
  • Making shapes on the peg boards
  • Drawing shapes on paper, in sand and on the iPads
  • Playing hidden shape games on the Smart board
  • Making shapes out of matchsticks and lots more!

Look at all the wonderful things we have been doing in our classroom.

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Week Three Fun

It has been an exciting week at Kindy, as the children completed their first full week and came to Kindy for 2 consecutive days. We are loving getting to know your gorgeous children! Some of the activities we have done have included:

  • Going to the library and borrowing our very first book
  • Doing lots of activities based on the story ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?’
  • Fine motor activities, such as paper tearing to strengthen our hands
  • Sorting colours in lots of different ways: with beads and tweezers, with pictures on the Smartboard and gluing coloured pictures on paper
  • Painting with lots of different colours to make our special portfolio covers
  • Playing counting games on the Smartboard
  • Beginning to learn about syllables and clapping the syllables in words
  • Playing lots of get to know you name games

Here are just a couple of photos below.


Week 1 Fun

This week at Kindy we have had so much fun! We read a story called ‘The Kissing Hand’. It is a lovely book about a little racoon called Chester who doesn’t want to start school. His mum teaches him a special trick to help him remember her, if he feels sad throughout the day- called a ‘kissing hand’. She kisses him on the palm of his hand and if during the day he feels sad, he can put his hand on his cheek and the kiss will jump onto his face and make him remember her. The children loved their ‘kissing hand’ so please feel free to do this with your children when you come to Kindy next. They might even give you one too!

We had such a busy day! We did lots of fun activities such as made a kissing hand painting, painted a picture of whatever we liked, played with tap tap, dressed up in the home corner, built lots of wonderful creations in the block corner and played with construction. Some of the highlights were exploring in the Nature Playground, rolling and squeezing our ‘surprise play dough’ and doing some balloon painting.

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