Week 1 Fun

This week at Kindy we have had so much fun! We read a story called ‘The Kissing Hand’. It is a lovely book about a little racoon called Chester who doesn’t want to start school. His mum teaches him a special trick to help him remember her, if he feels sad throughout the day- called a ‘kissing hand’. She kisses him on the palm of his hand and if during the day he feels sad, he can put his hand on his cheek and the kiss will jump onto his face and make him remember her. The children loved their ‘kissing hand’ so please feel free to do this with your children when you come to Kindy next. They might even give you one too!

We had such a busy day! We did lots of fun activities such as made a kissing hand painting, painted a picture of whatever we liked, played with tap tap, dressed up in the home corner, built lots of wonderful creations in the block corner and played with construction. Some of the highlights were exploring in the Nature Playground, rolling and squeezing our ‘surprise play dough’ and doing some balloon painting.

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