Week Four

We have had so much fun at Kindy this week. We have been busy practising clapping the syllables in words, writing our names and doing lots of fine motor activities to strengthen our hands. We read a special story with a rhyme to help us learn all about text direction. The rhyme goes like this ‘Sideways, sideways through the red sand’.  We have also been doing so many different activities all about shapes. We played a game where we had to keep swapping shape cards and dancing to music. When the music stopped we had to find a partner and quiz each other to find out what the shape names were. We have been learning to identify, locate and sort 2D shapes in a variety of ways.

Some of the activities we have been doing have included:

  • Painting red lines from left to right, drawing lines from left to right and also walking and jumping sideways.
  • Filling little bottles with coloured rice by using our pinching fingers.
  • Having a go at cutting simple shapes to make a sun.
  • Painting with shapes and stating the shape names
  • Making shapes on the peg boards
  • Drawing shapes on paper, in sand and on the iPads
  • Playing hidden shape games on the Smart board
  • Making shapes out of matchsticks and lots more!

Look at all the wonderful things we have been doing in our classroom.

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