Term 2

Hi everyone

This term, the students will be consolidating and extending their learning about:

  • rhyming
  • syllables
  • name writing with correct formation
  • word awareness
  • identifying letter names and associated sounds in the sequence of SATPIN CHERMED
  • cutting skills
  • copying and creating patterns
  • recognising dice patterns without counting
  • oral counting
  • counting objects
  • recognising numerals 1- 10
  • sorting, classifying and describing materials
  • recognising quantities that have more or less

These concepts will be integrated into daily activities throughout the term. We have also started ‘Intervention Groups’. This is where the students are placed in groups and each group rotates through activities that are targeted at specific literacy and numeracy skills.

Our theme this term is Nursery Rhymes. The home corner has been turned into a hospital for the students to retell and act out the nursery rhyme; Miss Polly had a Dolly.

Looking forward to a fun and busy term!

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