Term 3!

Welcome back to Term 3!

We have been very happy with how the students have settled back into Kindy and are looking forward to a productive and busy term. Our theme this term is all about Community Helpers.

Our English learning intentions this term are:

  • hearing and identifying initial sounds 
  • retell a simple story  
  • engage in discussions about narratives and informational texts
  • identify simple punctuation, such as full stops and question marks
  • develop an awareness that words are separated by spaces
  • use books/texts appropriately, turn pages and identify the front cover
  • build an understanding that print is constant and a reader moves left to right and top to bottom with a return sweep
  • describe how the illustrations connect to the text
  • identify book features, such as the title, author, illustrator

Our Numeracy learning intentions this term are:

  • subitise small quantities of objects or standard patterns on a die 1- 6 regular and irregular
  • use positional language, such as on, under, behind, between
  • partition small numbers
  • number recognition to 10
  • recall what number is missing in a number line 1 to 10
  • count objects by using one to one correspondence
  • use the appropriate language of measurement to describe, compare and order size and length
  • sort, classify and match objects according to attributes, for example colours, sizes and shapes
  • answer simple questions to collect information, such as using yes/no and group items in response to questions

Happy learning everyone!


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