Cubby Fun!

Today, we had some cubby fun at Kindy! Johnny from Nature Play Solutions came to school and brought along LOTS of ‘stuff’ for us to be creative and use our imaginations to make an awesome cubby.

Fire Fighter Visit

Yesterday, the students met some REAL firefighters!

The fire fighters talked about how they help us, their uniform and showed us how the fire truck works. We even got to climb inside! The students had SO much fun learning about fire fighters.

Police Officer Visitor

Today we met two REAL police officers!

The officers talked about how they help us in the community, what number to call in an emergency and what they wear. We got to sit inside the police car, ring the siren and see their lights flash.

We learnt lots and lots of new things and had SO much fun!

50 Days Smarter!

Hip Hip Hooray! It’s the 50th Day!!

On Friday, we celebrated being 50 days smarter with lots of FUN activities. We made crowns, 50 snack bags, made 50 out of play dough, played a race to 50 board game and lots more.

Looking forward to seeing how smart we are in 50 MORE days time!

Term 3!

Welcome back to Term 3!

We have been very happy with how the students have settled back into Kindy and are looking forward to a productive and busy term. Our theme this term is all about Community Helpers.

Our English learning intentions this term are:

  • hearing and identifying initial sounds
  • retell a simple story
  • engage in discussions about narratives and informational texts
  • identify simple punctuation, such as full stops and question marks
  • develop an awareness that words are separated by spaces
  • use books/texts appropriately, turn pages and identify the front cover
  • build an understanding that print is constant and a reader moves left to right and top to bottom with a return sweep
  • describe how the illustrations connect to the text
  • identify book features, such as the title, author, illustrator

Our Numeracy learning intentions this term are:

  • subitise small quantities of objects or standard patterns on a die 1- 6 regular and irregular
  • use positional language, such as on, under, behind, between
  • partition small numbers
  • number recognition to 10
  • recall what number is missing in a number line 1 to 10
  • count objects by using one to one correspondence
  • use the appropriate language of measurement to describe, compare and order size and length
  • sort, classify and match objects according to attributes, for example colours, sizes and shapes
  • answer simple questions to collect information, such as using yes/no and group items in response to questions

Happy learning everyone!

Term 2

Hi everyone

This term, the students will be consolidating and extending their learning about:

  • rhyming
  • syllables
  • name writing with correct formation
  • word awareness
  • identifying letter names and associated sounds in the sequence of SATPIN CHERMED
  • cutting skills
  • copying and creating patterns
  • recognising dice patterns without counting
  • oral counting
  • counting objects
  • recognising numerals 1- 10
  • sorting, classifying and describing materials
  • recognising quantities that have more or less

These concepts will be integrated into daily activities throughout the term. We have also started ‘Intervention Groups’. This is where the students are placed in groups and each group rotates through activities that are targeted at specific literacy and numeracy skills.

Our theme this term is Nursery Rhymes. The home corner has been turned into a hospital for the students to retell and act out the nursery rhyme; Miss Polly had a Dolly.

Looking forward to a fun and busy term!

Harmony Day!

Happy Harmony Day everyone!

On Friday, we had SO much fun celebrating Harmony Day with our friends. The children enjoyed having a special lunch and got to taste yummy food. We talked about how we’re all different but have many qualities the same. The children made a friendship bracelet and gave it to a wonderful friend in our class. We had a fabulous fun filled day!!


Bear Faces

We made some delicious bear faces today and even got to eat them! The children followed a recipe and used bread, honey, bananas and sultanas to make a bear face. Have a look at our yummy bears!

A day in the life of Kindy!

I am so proud of the students for their great start to school. The girls and boys are learning about the routines of Kindy and have settled in tremendously well. I am really excited about working with you and your child in the year ahead.

Our learning begins each day with our morning routine and together we look at the weather, sing songs about the days of the week and the months of the year and do some fitness.  Throughout the day there are quiet times, noisy times, sharing times and explicit teaching times.

Your child may be feeling quite tired at the end of the day. When you ask your child what they have done throughout the day you may be hearing ‘nothing’, this is a very common response. I love to give you some insight as to what a day of ‘nothing’ involves.

We have been learning about:

  • cooperating and learning to work as a team with our classmates and teachers
  • forming the letters in our names correctly
  • the importance of holding our pencil correctly and exercising our fingers to develop control and pressure when writing
  • identifying colours
  • word awareness
  • syllables
  • counting forwards to 10
  • being a careful counter
  • tracing
  • names of 2D shapes.