Weeks 4 and 5 in Room 2

We have had two very busy and fun weeks of learning in our class. We continued to learn about the Fish Philosophy and enjoyed reading the story of The Rainbow Fish to explore how Rainbow Fish followed the Fish Philosophy. We then created our own rainbow fish and painted them using celery. Once these were done, we then discussed how we follow the philosophy too. We hope you like our beautiful fish that are hanging in our class.

We have been doing lots of activities including:

  • Starting our guided reading circles in week 5
  • Making our sight words using letter tiles and stamps
  • Rhyming tasks
  • Using the ibooks on our class ipads to learn our sight words
  • Subitising games and activities(which require students to instantly recognise up to 6 dots in dice and random formations)
  • Our whole school Maths Challenge
  • Sound sorting cut and paste tasks
  • Handwriting of the letters Tt and Pp
  • Completing our progress folder assessments (which we look forward to bringing home in week 6)
  • Sequencing and writing our numbers
  • Counting and creating collections of objects

Students have loved building friendships and enjoy engaging in free play activities such as role playing teachers, building together with construction and the blocks, playing in the home corner and collaborating during activities.

One of our favourite activities for the two weeks was creating smiley face biscuits for our first cooking activity. Before we started creating our biscuits, we had a big discussion about germs, what they are and how to avoid them when cooking. We were very good at making sure we washed our hands thoroughly with soap and ensured we kept our fingers away from our faces, hair and body during the activity. We all made our own face creations and enjoyed eating them afterwards.

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