Weeks 3 & 4

We have had another busy fortnight of fun and learning in Room 2.

In English we have been learning to:

* Read and write our sight words correctly.

* Find clues in texts to help us make meaning and to develop inferential thinking.

* Use strategies such as decoding, picture clues, chunking words into smaller parts and re reading the sentence with a tricky word in it to help decode the unfamiliar word using meaning.

* Sequence events in stories and retelling them with detail. (We have used sequencing cards and popstick characters to help us with this).

* Read and write simple sentences and edit our sentences to make sure they include  capitals, finger spaces, sounding out, correctly written sight words and full stops.

* Deleting initial and medial sounds from words to create new words.

* Substituting initial and medial sounds from words to create new words.

* Form our letters correctly on dotted thirds lines.

* Use a variety of sentence starters in our recount. Eg. First, next, then, after.


Our two Australian stories for the fortnight have been ‘Koala Lou’ and ‘Edward The Emu.’ Perhaps you could ask your child to retell the story to you at home.


In Mathematics we have been learning to:

  • Use the language of before, after and during.
  • Use the language of yesterday, today and tomorrow.
  • Sequence events according to the amount of time they take (eg. Brushing your teeth, sneezing, walking to school and going on a holiday on an aeroplane).
  • Use 100 grids to help us work out the number that comes before and after a given number.
  • Add two numbers together.
  • Solve number stories using pictures and number sentences. Eg. There were 11 pieces of fruit in the fruit bowl and Mrs Tomich bought 4 more. How many are there now?


In Science we have been learning to:

Identify what an object is made of. We have been using our senses to explore what we see, feel and touch and to explain why we think an object is made of a particular material.


In HASS we have been learning to:

Identify the familiar features that are in our environment. We have drawn (and labelled) a map from home to school that shows the things we see on the journey. These are hanging in the classroom for you to view.


Lots of the work that we have been doing around our Australian books has been put away for open night in week 10. We look forward to surprising you with our amazing work then!


We also completed week 4 by having an amazing trip to the Perth Zoo. The students behaved beautifully throughout the excursion and thank you to the parents who came along and assisted on this day. The students enjoyed seeing all of the different animals and a highlight of the trip was participating in the Bush Party experience.


First students listened to a Story about Australian animals and then they dressed up as an Australian Animal. They were then required to find the animal that they were dressed as with their group in the Australian Walkabout. Each group found some interesting facts out about their animal before meeting back as a whole class to meet and pat Parker the Lizard.

We hope you enjoy looking at some of our pictures from our fun day.


Finally – as this is my last post with Miss Ashleigh Axford taking over as classroom teacher as of today, I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone for their support throughout the year. I have loved teaching your children and watching them grow and am very proud of their achievements. Thanks for all your kind words and wishes and I look forward to bringing Baby Tomich back to visit next term!

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