Oral Language Week 3

Today a template sheet went home to prepare students for our week 3 oral language topic, ‘Tell Me About It.” This links to our current science unit called, “What’s It Made Of?” In this Primary Connections science unit, the students are looking at using their senses to investigate what objects are made of.

For topic time, we would love students to investigate and complete their template sheet at home. They will then be able to read their clues to their peers, before allowing their peers to guess what the object is.

Thank you for your support with our oral language program.

News Topics For Term Three

Please see the document below for students news topics for Term Three. We will also be providing a hard copy of these in students take home boxes on their first day back at school.

Thanks for all of your efforts in supporting your child to develop their oral language skills.

News Term 3

Week 5 News – Mystery Item

In week 5, our topic for our oral language program is “Mystery Item.” A template sheet was handed out with the original news topics, however a copy of this can also be found below.

To prepare for this topic, students will need to think of an object that they would like to bring in that they can write clues for. Whilst students share their news with the class, the object will remain hidden (so please bring the item in concealed in a container or bag). They will then provide clues for their object and their peers will get an opportunity to listen to their clues and guess the item. A sample sheet is included below for ideas (there is two samples on the one sheet below for ideas, the top one is clues for an apple, the bottom is clues for popcorn – students only need to provide clues for one answer).

Many thanks for your support with our oral language program.

Dee, Deb & Ashleigh

Mystery Item – Adjectives brainstorm

Home Reading Program – iTunes U Course and Parent Information Session

As mentioned previously, our home reading program will be commencing in week 4. In preparation for this, we would like to provide you with some information on how we structure our home reading program at Aubin Grove Primary. We would like to provide this information in two ways, to support all families being able to fully engage with our home reading program. The first option is to attend our Home Reading Information Session which will be hosted by our Early Childhood Deputy, Jaylene Fritchley at 9:45 on Friday the 12th May in the undercover area(following out Mothers Day Morning which finishes at 9:30).

If you have an iphone or an iPad, you are welcome to access our online reading course. This course provides detailed instructions on what to expect each night of home reading and provides videos and resources to support you to engage in this program with your child. To enrole in this course, simply go to the itunes U app on your device then add the course and enter the enrolement code. If you have further questions on this, Jaylene will be available on the Friday following our mother’s day activities in the under cover area.


The enrolment code isKHV-KVZ-ZD5​

We would also love a volunteer/s to assist us in changing over the home readers for students. This will involve marking off student books and selecting a new one at the allocated colour, then recording this information in our borrowing book. I would estimate that it is a 20 minute process and we would love your assistance either on a Friday afternoon (2:30-2:50) or Monday morning at your convenience.
If you are able to help us out with this, could you please let me know. This role would be commencing when the books are returned at the end of week 4.
Many thanks,


Oral Language Topic Time

Oral language is an important part of our Pre primary curriculum and we like to provide opportunities for students to engage in speaking and listening tasks in a variety of contexts within the classroom environment. This term, we are commencing a weekly ‘Topic Time’ in which students will be asked to prepare and present on a specific topic each week. We use a variety of set topics to keep it interesting and for students to develop and use a broader range of vocabulary. To support students confidence and abilities in this area, I would love for you to help your child to prepare and practise for this at home. Attached you will find the topics for the term, a schedule of news days (as I have allocated a day each week for students) and a template sheet for week 5.

If you have any questions regarding our oral language program, please feel free to see or email me. Thanks in advance for your support with this.


Mystery Item – Adjectives brainstorm News roster Term Two news

Sight Words Flash Cards

At Aubin Grove Primary School, we focus on learning to read and write the Magic 100 Sight Words as part of our Literacy program. Instant recognition of these frequently occurring words, helps your child to develop fluency and maintain comprehension when reading. I have some sight words flash cards that I have made to match each of the colour words in our program. Please feel free to print and laminate these cards at home to practise with or play games such as memory or fish (you will need to print two copies for these games).

The sequence of colours for the Magic 100 Sight words is gold, red, blue, green, orange, indigo then violet.

I hope you enjoy using these with your child.

100 sight words checklist with colours

Gold sight words

Sight words flash cards red

sight words flash cards blue

sight words flash cards green

sight words flash cards orange

sightwords flash cards indigo

sightwords flashcards violet


Helpful YouTube Videos To Use At Home

Single Sounds Mastery Files


During our parent night on February 14th, students were provided with Mastery Folders to develop their speed and accuracy with identifying the name and sound of each letter of the alphabet. Each page of the mastery folder will contain 5 or 6 letters for your child to work on at a time. When your child correctly identifies a sight word, they may colour in a petal on the flower (please keep this to one petal per night). When the flowers are completely coloured in, please have your child bring it to class so that they can be tested. If your child has already achieved instant recognition of the letters and their associated sounds, they will be given a sheet to try and write three words that start with each sound. I would love to see students have a go at sounding out and writing independently, so please do not worry about fixing spelling mistakes.

Thanks for your support with this task.